New Year Resolutions for 2012....with a completely NEW slant !!!

Following a request and suggestion from a very dear friend of all of ours on this forum, Sylvie from Canada, I’ve agreed to set up this thread on behalf of both of us and hope that you’ll join in the fun .

Sylvie's idea came from the age old New Year resolution pledges that we’ve all made and have often all broken, throughout the years, and hoped that by trying a "new sauce" on that "old turkey"  it could feel easier for us all and give us a chance to be able to "pat ourselves on the back" and proudly say we achieved our goal of following to the end our... "New Month"... resolution instead........ what do you think?

We both agreed that the month of January would be a "freeby" so we can share suggestions if any of our usual active forum members are interested in this project which, we both hope, will turn into something worthwhile and a lot of fun too.  So guys, if you’d like to take part, please feel free to share your ideas of what you think would be useful and fun resolutions for all of us to follow each month. 

Obviously this January is, apart from a "freeby" month, a trial month too so that Sylvie and I can see your interest in this and figure out what the majority think so that we can start February with a very firm idea of what our 1st Resolution will be.  Each one, thereafter, will be clearly displayed before the month begins and will be advertised with an MB calendar as is shown below for our "freeby" month of January.  We hope that each month we can all share stories, tips and cheer each other on.



If you’re interested please join in and give us your thoughts and let’s make this great forum even more of a fun place to visit where we can all come together as friends, thanks to our love and admiration for our Michael.


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia, your wee Scottish friend.

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Okay Kathy no snakes but just remember there is Loch Ness and Nessie and if she pops her head up you have got to shake hands with her and for a further preview of Scotland here is a picture taken in Edinburgh of the Scottish Parliament building that just about everybody still laughs at and when Matthew saw it he went into a kink and didn't believe me that it was the Scottish Parliament until he read the sign.......


It truly doesn't fit in Edinburgh and certainly not at the bottom of the Royal Mile and I am pretty certain if you could have visited it in the 60's you would be certain you had taken LSD or it was a figment of your imagination.....there is something about it that is attractive but there most assuredly is something horrendous there too and it could have fitted in Glasgow far better where our skyline is all different periods of architecture but not Edinburgh which is purely old and quaint and contains its own beauty for just being that but hope you enjoy seeing a little of Scotland and Matthew with his eyes shut and no wonder....he just couldn't stand to look at it !!! LOL   Towers you see over to right are part of the Palace of Holyrood House...another useless bit of information and yes Sylvie even Matthew thought I should be a tour guide especially because I never shut up either and the laughs we had over that and he couldn't quite believe when I gave him permission to tell me to stop talking when I became too much and he was tickled pink by being able to tell someone a darn sight older than himself to shut up and to get the response of; "okay" and peace and quiet to invade the surroundings ......needless to say though didn't last very long till I was off again but it all added to the jovility and that was what it was all about !!! lol.

Hey folks just to prove I did go on that little tricycle I took the picture of here is another one of me peddling round the Isle of Cumbrae........

.......and I am going to have to get back on that bike for remember how delighted I was with my weight loss of 8 pounds less than two weeks I managed to put back on 6.....don't know about a crazy lady fitting that one Kathy think just call me a "pig" and not a wee one either but isn't that disgusting but I have got to admit all those sticky toffee puddings, tablet ice cream, banana splits and pints of lager were absolutely delicious !!!! LOL    Matthew and I did go to the gym three times whilst he was here and I was a very good girl and went back on Monday and this morning but possibly instead of putting "good" I should convert the "g" to use it before "guilty", unfortunately, that is one resolution I am just about back to square one on but, mind you, do still have a couple of weeks left to shed some of those pounds again, hopefully !!! LOL.

For a further review of Scotland Kathy you need to pop over to FB and go into my album called "Matthew's holiday in Largs, 2012" where there are over 100 photos and that is one resolution I will never be making to forget my camera or stop taking pictures....never going to happen !!! LOL.

Probably next visit on here will be to report that I have completed another resolution and finally varnished my storm boring .....OMG I need to get Matthew back up here on another holiday !!!!! LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



Hi Wee One,
Thanks for sharing your fun and special moments with Matthew. Are you sure Matthew was not trying to nap in this picture, lol.........? You two must have worn yourselves totally out in some very special moments you and he will always cherish.
A year or so ago I asked my grandson where he would like to visit next. He said, " we have done it all, MiMi," LOL......not hardly, he has a big world to discover yet.
I don't blame you for eating all of that terrific junk food, you only live once, go for it in the good moments like the ones you just had with Matthew, now back to the diet, lol........Seems you really like your bicycling, great exercise, too.
You obviously live in a place with a lot of interesting history, sites to see, and things to do.
Loch Ness stories are fun and intriguing. Went to Lake Tahoe a few years ago and there lies the story of Tessie, The Loch Ness Monster. Wish I could have taken my grandson, maybe someday.
You can never have enough of the special moments in my opinion, love taking photos myself.
Thanks again for sharing your adventures here and I will close and take that hop over to your FB for a look at your photos and send a PM later.


Kathy T.:-))

I LOVE that trike bike Wee One!!! I want one for casual cruising!!! Bob and Ryan would die and never be seen with me!!! LOL They rather crash on two!!!! 

That building is a bit odd. Reminds me of that famous architect in Spain whom I love and his buildings look like child's construction or like Toon Town at our Disneyland. Of course I can't remember his name right now :/ oops..just remembered his name....Gaudi :)

I still have to visit your fb page. I haven't even gotten near fb yet!!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob....forever catching up!!!

Hey Sylvia, thanks for taking us through your fun-filled holliday with Matthew. I’d be curious to find out when that strange Parlament building was built and even more curious to know what it looks like… :D Heehee, I can sympathize with people wanting me to shut up at times: okay, enough info already! Lol Well I’m glad to hear you’ve had loads of fun Sylvia and good luck getting into, shall we say a more balanced rhythm of life… ;D Hmm, I didn’t want to say anything about the storm door, but you’ve mentioned it for a few months now. :D As for myself, it took 2 more weeks to finally get down to do it but I’ve managed to wash all but one of my windows in 2 days! Fall has a way of sneaking up on me and it got pretty cool here last weekend so I wanted to do it as quickly as possible. My last window is the bathroom window which I’ll do while scrubbing the bathroom this afternoon. The curtains are washed too, I only need to clean the living-room blind and I can rest on my laurels on the weekend. :D Then next week it’ll be  packing off the last third of the dustmite family and I can get started on my next masterpiece that I want to try finishing for a holliday present. Hey, btw, since it’s getting cooler, I’ll get back on the stationary bike too: I got a new one from my neighbor’s yard sale and I’ll finally have a comfortable seat! Good luck to everyone keeping up with their attempt at a fitness routine, especially since the comfort food times are ahead! Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hey Sylvia,

    Great story and the trike Bike is soooo darned I think I could ride one of those:)! LOL! Without falling off!

Looks like you 2 had a Blast:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

Just thought I would pop back in here to let you know that fitness regime is still working.....along at gym today and was there about 2 hours because it wasn't busy and just about when I was going to leave it thundered down with rain and the instructor said to me to just stay till it went off, so I did and had another 20 minutes on the treadmill and do I feel good.....YEAH !!! LOL.

In coming back in here I remembered you had asked a question Sylvie about the Parliament building but I have to confess it is something that is way beyond my capabilities to describe....a jigsaw puzzle gone crazy for in some respects that is what the walls look like, huge jigsaw pieces and it is not built as a normal building with just four walls this is in segments all joined together at different angles for at some parts it is like a few blocks of flats linked together at odd angles and there are in parts, especially at the front, huge canopy structures made of steel with huge steel rods running vertically that it looks like an organ in a church and the rods are all different shapes and sizes.....each corner you turn is different and you are faced with a completely different shape, colour and material used for it is made of steel, oak and granite with the main ingredient in the walls being granite and there was huge fights about that because the granite was imported from China and as we have our very own granite quarries think you can imagine the things that were said.....there were a lot of fights when it was getting built and the costs just kept soaring and soaring so much so that an Official Enquiry was established before it was finished but it got finished eventually.   It does have a very, very sad tale attached to it for the architect was Enric Miralles, a Spaniard, who won the right to design and it wasn't long into its build when he died, at the age of 45, from a brain tumour in 2000 and his widow took over the overseeing of its completion to his design.   The actual building was completed in 2004 and was opened by the Queen and the then First Minister of Scotland who was Sir Donald Dewar, a terrific and lovely man, but unfortunately, he died suddenly about a year after....his death was a great loss to Scotland for he was a great parliamentarian.   Another little bit of useless information from the brain of the Wee One....full of it but hope you enjoyed little bit of Scottish history nonetheless !!!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Wee One I wonder what the connection between the acrimony over the structure and the deaths might be? Just saying. Just like the O.J. Simpson murder trial over here. O.J. went free and then his 2 main lawyers both died within a year or so after the trial. is very interesting eh?????

Kathy and LAFD Bob.....with another useless

Do you think high blood pressure might just have been involved Kathy for certainly with the Scottish Parliament I think they were all suffering from that for cost kind of went from somewhere about 20 million to 400 milion before it was finished but I mean what is 380 million amongst friends.....don't know what they were all getting upset about !!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia, got my Jaws fixed a couple of hours ago and everything seems under control. Thanks a lot for the description of the Scottish Parliament building. Have you ever been inside and if so, does it look as odd as the outside? I guess the architect wanted to  be remembered as an original... Thanks for the Scottish history lesson too: we always get more than we bargain for with you! :D Kudos on keeping up with the fitness regime girl: keep up the good work! Take care Sylvia. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks for sharing Sylvia,

I have not felt real well for a few days, afraid there is a bug going around at work so have not been on here much.

You are a good girl keeping up with your exercising, wish I could be so regimented.
Enjoying your bits of history, I promise to get to those videos yet on FB.


Kathy T.:-))

Hope you are feeling completely back to normal Kathy T real soon and glad to see "old" Jaws working again Sylvie and as for your question about Scottish Parliament building; no, I have not been inside for in fact that was the first time I have seen it on this visit with Matthew for I hadn't, until then, been in Edinburgh for donkeys years.....last time I was there it was for a pub crawl so all I saw was the bottom of a glass every so often and I bet that useless piece of information doesn't surprise any of you and I could start going on about the pubs in Rose Street, or at least the ones I can remember which came somewhere at the beginning of the pub crawl funnily enough, and they were pretty beautiful, inside and out, as are most of the pubs in Rose Street.....seen them all on numerous occasions and have only been inside the Castle once and have never climbed Arthur's Seat.....I try and get priorities right when visiting the Capital !!!!! LOL.

Have seen the inside of the building on the telly especially the Debating Chamber which is mainly all light oak and too the magnificent staircase that is there leading up into the Chamber but as for exactly how the external shape is configured in the inside, don't know but somehow wouldn't imagine it is carried through in anyway for the separation of rooms and hallways will take it away and maybe we should have gone in and had a look and we did consider it for their is a public tearoom within but we wanted to get to Princes Street and go up the Royal Mile to the Castle because we knew we were running out of time and in fact, by the time we got up to the Castle the gates were just closing.....we didn't time our visit very well as it was very much a spontaneous one because we were going to do something different that day but because weather wasn't too kind decided to do Edinburgh as east coast looked better, weather wise, which it proved to be but we hadn't exactly planned an agenda for when we got there so, as I say, the whole day was pretty spontaneous and it turned out to be a great and fun day as many of those type can and both glad we had gone !! :) 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, I don't know about you, but I have made 2 resolutions this month. The first one is probably pretty far from your mind right now: getting back on the   darn bike for at least a half hour every day. I hope to keep that one beyond the month. My second one is more of a project, but I have a deadline so want to keep it. My last art project dragged for too long so the recipient didn't get it in time but I'd like to remedy that and giving myself to December 1st to complete it. Wish me luck! So will your project be your storm door? When you feel better, that is... Let me hear from you sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D


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