New Year Resolutions for 2012....with a completely NEW slant !!!

Following a request and suggestion from a very dear friend of all of ours on this forum, Sylvie from Canada, I’ve agreed to set up this thread on behalf of both of us and hope that you’ll join in the fun .

Sylvie's idea came from the age old New Year resolution pledges that we’ve all made and have often all broken, throughout the years, and hoped that by trying a "new sauce" on that "old turkey"  it could feel easier for us all and give us a chance to be able to "pat ourselves on the back" and proudly say we achieved our goal of following to the end our... "New Month"... resolution instead........ what do you think?

We both agreed that the month of January would be a "freeby" so we can share suggestions if any of our usual active forum members are interested in this project which, we both hope, will turn into something worthwhile and a lot of fun too.  So guys, if you’d like to take part, please feel free to share your ideas of what you think would be useful and fun resolutions for all of us to follow each month. 

Obviously this January is, apart from a "freeby" month, a trial month too so that Sylvie and I can see your interest in this and figure out what the majority think so that we can start February with a very firm idea of what our 1st Resolution will be.  Each one, thereafter, will be clearly displayed before the month begins and will be advertised with an MB calendar as is shown below for our "freeby" month of January.  We hope that each month we can all share stories, tips and cheer each other on.



If you’re interested please join in and give us your thoughts and let’s make this great forum even more of a fun place to visit where we can all come together as friends, thanks to our love and admiration for our Michael.


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia, your wee Scottish friend.

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Cute cat Sylvia. I didn't see this pic when I posted down thread...Awwww...

Cute guy on the calendar too!!!

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Mary and I am resting.....honestly !!!!! LOL.   I am drinking plenty too so much so that Michael's smile at the nom de plume "Wee" One could be factual now and I learnt my lesson as I had this about 5/6 years ago, that was how I knew it was time to take myself to the doctor, and I didn't exactly do as I was told but as they say, why change the habits of a lifetime ????????? LOL.

Thanks too for comments about Jack and I agree with you all that that fellow in the picture ain't too bad either !!!! lol.


Sylvia.   Your WEE WEE Scottish friend.


lol Thanks for the smile wee wee one! Take care and have a great restful day! Big bear hugs, sincerely, sylvie from Canada :D

I cannot believe that November is here already nor that it was 6th October since anyone has been on this thread......OMG where is the time going......oh, yikes......I'm really starting to get worried for it is definitely going far, far, far too fast !!!!!! LOL.

As you can see by my picture I want to go back in time for Sylvie, before I put my Halloween decorations away, I decided to use them to frame the calendar page for November.....och well, it was only yesterday even although that is last month now and that is something I had better get done today.....the decorations away or, as time is going so fast, should I just leave them for next year ???? LOL.

To be serious.....whenever am I that......this month I must, just absolutely must get back to that gym and more importantly get back on my diet....weight increase I am not the least bit happy with and those are my first "MUSTS" for this month, for sure !!!!! LOL.

Hey, where is everybody these days......not hearing enough about and from other people that have been following their own resolutions throughout the year so how about coming in, seeing we are quickly coming up to the end of this one, and share with us what you have been doing throughout the year and what have been the goals that you set yourself and which ones have you achieved, so far, this year ......come on in and share what has made you darn proud of yourself and made you believe; anything is possible !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia, well I was just telling a friend that I haven't "seen" either September or October go: they sneaked right by me! Well on my side, I started on last month's resolution a bit late, because my new bike needed ajustments, but I think this one will be better than my previous one: more comfortable seat and the pedal disposition is different, so it makes me work the old hamstrings more and my ankle is getting back into shape again. As far as resolutions go, I've personally found that setting shorter-term goals works for me, because I have less time to procrastinate! lol I find that writing it down also helps to make it official. Maybe I'll try and finish my old pending"Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" by the end of the year, so I can move on down my pile and get a bit more cultural reading done. Well that's about the size of it Sylvia, good luck on your return to the gym and keep us posted. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Well ladies..time has flown and it is only going to get worse for me with Christmas on its way!!! I managed to get the pumpkins outside for Halloween and actually had 16 trick or treaters. A record for our "older" neighborhood for all the kids have grown including my 28 year old baby!!! lol I can finally GET BACK to walking though because it has gotten so much cooler here. It has been probably one month since I have walked...actually I got in one day last week :/ I am happily enjoying every bite of my birthday cake.....not one ounce of guilt for I am alive and fairly healthy...albeit older!!! LOL My immediate goal is to start decorating yesterday for Christmas. I told Ryan that the kitchen and dining room will be all decorated when he comes home this weekend. Well.....I better get off this

Kathy and lAFD Bob

Good to hear from you on here Kathy and glad you got the pumpkins outside but as Halloween is over have you managed to get them inside again...??...must admit my decorations are still up.....definitely coming down today and yeah I've heard that story before !!! LOL.

Glad too you are still enjoying your birthday...quite right too...make it spin out as long as possible but don't start panicking about Christmas.....please.....not at beginning of November;  leave that until 24th December !!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Well we have finally arrived at the last month of another year and it still seems like yesterday that we started this Sylvie....oh boy....I must be enjoying myself far too much for this year I do not where it has gone; the last couple of months have absolutely and utterly flown and I am now at the stage where some mornings I get up and I feel as though I blink and it is time to go back to bed again.....and I ain't kidding !!!! LOL.    Maybe it really is something to do with getting old for you know how they always say that the elderly sit and sleep all day;  maybe that it is what I do and I just forget I've done it and that is how the days are passing so quickly.....I am really asleep all the time and then my memory plays tricks !!! LOL.

No matter what, this month I am setting my goal to getting back to the gym and really getting back to doing a good work out whilst I am there and hopefully, in doing that, losing some of this ridiculous weight I have put on by becoming almost a couch potato and a lazy slob lately for even my house dust mites are getting digusted with me and are starting to leave home with their little suitcases.....can't have that for I want to keep my house dust mites !!!! LOL.

This month there is no calendar but a little festive picture in deep blue with gold tree bauble decorations hanging down and adorning the right hand side and different shades and sizes of blue circles with white stars going across top from right hand side to middle and then right along the whole of the bottom of the picture and from centre to almost bottom of left side there is what is supposed to be a band of deeper blue ribbon and on it it says "Merry Christmas" and in the centre I have placed a little picture of Michael's face and it has been taken from the video where he is singing "This Is The Time"; more than appropriate I think !!! lol.    I hope everyone is starting to feel in the festive spirit and that all, and any, preparations you have started toward it are going exactly as you have hoped they would and that they continue to do so until the big day arrives......good luck everyone and hope it remains a stress free and lovely time of year for you all !! :)



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Love the festive pic, Sylvia! Thanks for posting it!

Anna (in MO)

I agree.... very pretty Wee One!!!  xx

Hi Wee One,

Thank you for the beautiful pic. Very beautiful holiday wishes to you as well.

I am SITTING, lol........drinking a glass of iced tea because it was in the mid 70's here today, throwing out patio plants, looking at the new Christmas tree I bought this morning still in the box I must put up now, looking at my own dust mites, feeling guilty I have not been on here much but with no tree decorated yet, I must get it done, presents to put together, Christmas is upon me and MB is soon on his way, so everyone forgive me but I have much work to do to get ready for Christmas festivities this weekend and next before concert time and Christmas arrive. THE DUST MITES MUST GO, Sylvia, but I am sure several will escape me somehow. You stay warm, saw where your temperatures are extremely cold, keep your hot tea and blanket handy!!!!! I am putting on Christmas in Vienna and getting busy!!!!!


Kathy T. :-)

Hey Sylvia, I agree that the year has flown by, especially the latter part. I don't think it's age, I think we're so busy that it's just a big blurr! lol Well I have to say that as far as my resolutions go, my latest project only needs finishing touches and I should be done tomorrow! I've been working very hard on it so I'm ashamed to say I haven't made time for the bike and I won't even broach the subject of my own dustmites! lol So, it'll be finishing touches today and tomorrow and back on the bike right after that. Good luck on getting back to the gym Sylvia, it's been a while, hasn't it? ;D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

P.S.: thanks for the description!


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