New Year Resolutions for 2012....with a completely NEW slant !!!

Following a request and suggestion from a very dear friend of all of ours on this forum, Sylvie from Canada, I’ve agreed to set up this thread on behalf of both of us and hope that you’ll join in the fun .

Sylvie's idea came from the age old New Year resolution pledges that we’ve all made and have often all broken, throughout the years, and hoped that by trying a "new sauce" on that "old turkey"  it could feel easier for us all and give us a chance to be able to "pat ourselves on the back" and proudly say we achieved our goal of following to the end our... "New Month"... resolution instead........ what do you think?

We both agreed that the month of January would be a "freeby" so we can share suggestions if any of our usual active forum members are interested in this project which, we both hope, will turn into something worthwhile and a lot of fun too.  So guys, if you’d like to take part, please feel free to share your ideas of what you think would be useful and fun resolutions for all of us to follow each month. 

Obviously this January is, apart from a "freeby" month, a trial month too so that Sylvie and I can see your interest in this and figure out what the majority think so that we can start February with a very firm idea of what our 1st Resolution will be.  Each one, thereafter, will be clearly displayed before the month begins and will be advertised with an MB calendar as is shown below for our "freeby" month of January.  We hope that each month we can all share stories, tips and cheer each other on.



If you’re interested please join in and give us your thoughts and let’s make this great forum even more of a fun place to visit where we can all come together as friends, thanks to our love and admiration for our Michael.


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia, your wee Scottish friend.

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Hey Sylvia,

   Not only is that a Great pix. It's my favorite Christmas Song, I have listened to it alot this past week:)! And when the 1st few snow flakes fall, I always want to be listening to this song, I love the words in it, and of course the Voice behind the song:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Hey Sylvia and everyone, just doing a quick check on how your resolutions have worked out for this month, if you've kept any. Well on my part, I'm happy to say that my latest art project only took 2 days more than my set deadline and I've only taken the time to get on the bike once, but I've been walking almost every day... while watching movies! lol I've discovered this fabulous feature on some new DVD's: video description and it's the best thing since sliced bread! It's really wonderful and that way, I don't have to check Wikipedia for what I've missed... :D So guys, let me know how well you've done and if you're even thinking of a new resolution for next year. Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie well I haven't been back in here because nothing has happened.....I have not kept to my resolution about going to back to gym and I think somehow that is possibly not going to happen until next year because without going into too much detail my hands are needing looked after just now as one knuckle is starting to look suspiciously as though it wants to ulcerate and with the cold I have damaged the skin on some others.....think I will leave it at that but suffice to say my doctor gave me into trouble and I just thought; another one added to the queue.....had a good laugh with her that day but she threatened me nevertheless !!!!! LOL.

Think will let this year run its course and get fired up for great things next year....yeah.....believe that, you will believe anything but at least I have a great imagination and think that is what keeps me going !!!!!!! LOL.

Glad to hear Sylvie that a lot of your plans have worked out ......keep up the good work girl and see you in 2013 and here is a little fun picture for the end of the year, well nearly ..........



My fun picture shows a little cat with his little Santa hat on and in front of him is a huge red mug of coffee and it has snowflakes round the top of it and he has his paws on either side and he has been licking the cream and it is all over his face and his little tongue is sticking out trying to lick off what is stuck to his is a beautifully, cheeky, little picture !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, aww, what an adorable pic, thanks for description. :D Now you take care of yourself missy and keep me posted, okay? Thanks for the fun you brought to this thread Sylvia and hope you get that darn door done next year! lol Take care and thanks for posting. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada <3

OMG Sylvie I had forgotten all about the door......wait till I get another notebook to put that in for the first one is full already of jobs for 2013 !!! LOL

Thanks too for all your contributions on here Sylvie and as you say, for all the fun and laughter for that is what we need !!! :)   Thanks too to everyone else who came in during the year and hope all your resolutions worked out for you and if not carry them over to 2013 and we will get going again then.....I have got the calendar waiting and ready with some lovely pics of our Michael and especially December 2013 so you have just got to stay with us to see that I tempting anyone yet ???? ROFL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I adore this cute little kitten pic. I was up off on with Ashley last night being sick. We went to the vet this morning and she is better now
Thanks Sylvia,


Kathy T. :-)

Thanks Kathy and glad you like pic and hope Ashley is more little attacks !!! :(


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I can barely remember what day it is let alone what I said a month Like I wrote on MB's resolution I won't break is to attend one of his concerts in 2013!!! LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Ouch Wee is your hand doing??? The cold air can wreak havoc on one's skin!! I know my hands have been in dish water so much that they are terribly dried and peeling around my thumbs. I put on lots of lotion but then I am right back into the water again :/  I hope your hand has improved since the time you posted :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks Kathy and hands doing okay for at least it has got a lot, lot milder here so no more frosty bits ....numbness all gone and just a wee, wee tiny bit of skin damage left.....thanks again for asking !! :)


Was going to come on here today in any case as it is now Hogmanay and wish everyone a very, very Happy Hogmanay and I had a lovely little picture with a couple of little bells in each corner and two little Christmas trees at bottom and where photo would have been placed I had put a picture of the words "Auld Lang Syne" and then above I had written "Should auld acquaintance be forgot for the sake of" and at bottom I had put "Happy Hogmanay !!"   BUT .....  have a guess what.......I have now lost access to my pictures, music, videos, everything and this little girl is on her knees praying that they are still all there and it is just access that has gone but thank goodness I do have a separate hard drive and 3/4 quarters of my stuff is filed on there but not up-to-date stuff for hadn't got round to that.......och well.....hey ho, as they say !!!! lol.

Was thinking about starting thread for 2013 and starting it with two resolutions Michael has, so far, put in in blogs for us BUT as no access to pictures, unless can copy and paste from main page, are you all willing to wait to see what happens tomorrow when I place laptop in John's lap and say, in a quiet wee voice, "can you fix it for me ????"  LOL.

I really do hope everyone does have a Happy Hogmanay and when those bells ring out at the stroke of midnight I hope each and everyone of you finds that 2013 is one of your best years ever !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Glad to hear you have improvement on your hand :) Now if we can only do something with your laptop!!! I wish I could help :/ But that is one of those things where you have to be right there to see what happens as soon as you try something. I sure hope your brother and nephew can figure something out. I can certainly wait until your laptop is in top form for our new thread on resolutions. Mine is back to walking after a 3 month absence!!! Yipes!! Oh well just get back to whinging I say :)) I believe everything should still be "somewhere" in your computer. Even if you have to have it professionally should be there :) Sending good thoughts in that some progress has already been made with laptop!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Managed to get 2013 started yesterday Kathy but as I did it in morning before I started any prepartions and it alone took me about a hour it was the only thing I did on here BUT John Boy pulled the miracle again and has "tidied" up my computer considerably and that took him a few hours yesterday......not completely out of the woods but getting there and what he did was changed my security system over completely because one I had was creating problems in that it had either become corrupted or something else that is in my system was causing it to be unable to complete a program it wanted to and it was hanging up.....ain't going to mention security names but it is a well known one but John doesn't like them as he has come up against problems with them before but many people swear by them but as my system was coming up for renewal toward end of this month John bought a security system for Christmas so instead of waiting till end of month he has installed new one and scraped other because new one also came with a disc of utilities and so he got that up and running and it has tidied up my computer .......I will admit I didn't realize you had to clean out your "filing cabinets" every so often and let's just say, let alone my drawers not closing, files were falling on the floor for there was no room for them in the cabinets.  Still work to do be done but at least system is up and running again and it is not slowly closing itself down as is what John said was getting there !!!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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