New Year Resolutions for 2012....with a completely NEW slant !!!

Following a request and suggestion from a very dear friend of all of ours on this forum, Sylvie from Canada, I’ve agreed to set up this thread on behalf of both of us and hope that you’ll join in the fun .

Sylvie's idea came from the age old New Year resolution pledges that we’ve all made and have often all broken, throughout the years, and hoped that by trying a "new sauce" on that "old turkey"  it could feel easier for us all and give us a chance to be able to "pat ourselves on the back" and proudly say we achieved our goal of following to the end our... "New Month"... resolution instead........ what do you think?

We both agreed that the month of January would be a "freeby" so we can share suggestions if any of our usual active forum members are interested in this project which, we both hope, will turn into something worthwhile and a lot of fun too.  So guys, if you’d like to take part, please feel free to share your ideas of what you think would be useful and fun resolutions for all of us to follow each month. 

Obviously this January is, apart from a "freeby" month, a trial month too so that Sylvie and I can see your interest in this and figure out what the majority think so that we can start February with a very firm idea of what our 1st Resolution will be.  Each one, thereafter, will be clearly displayed before the month begins and will be advertised with an MB calendar as is shown below for our "freeby" month of January.  We hope that each month we can all share stories, tips and cheer each other on.



If you’re interested please join in and give us your thoughts and let’s make this great forum even more of a fun place to visit where we can all come together as friends, thanks to our love and admiration for our Michael.


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia, your wee Scottish friend.

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A "tall" order Sylvie ....I thought it was virtually impossible to shut me up !!! LOL.    But hey missus woman (say that in a Glasgow accent, if you can) the wee koala has the other name of a koala bear as it is the native bear of Australia....I knew it was a marsupial:  OMG my nose has just grown and on top of the conker I have got I don't need that !!! LOL.    The "koala dance" will be my next video if Michael agrees to do it with me .......there is a dare I could lay down; don't know about a resolution !!!!! LOL.

You know I wish you well in whatever horrible sounding task you have given yourself this year and in actual fact I have decided on one.....find my duster and use it more often and I think I will make that for the month of November....I might just have found it by then !!!! lol.  One I am definitely going to do is the vegetarian one for a month especially when I suddenly realized, making out my shopping list the other day, not one meal I thought about contained meat, and when I thought about it I haven't had meat since the 2nd if I can do it for two weeks ........ !!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Oh Sylvia, I just about ROTFL on that last duster one! Lol Now Sylvia, can you just be smart about your vegy resolution and check on sources of protein? You do need your strength for the dance… :D Oprah had a vegy challenge last year, don’t know how that worked out though. I’m out of   that one but I wish you luck sweetie. Take care Sylvia. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Don't tell me I caught you on the duster one chance of that becoming a reality for my dust mites and me are still the best of friends !!!!! LOL.

On being "smart" on the vegetarian one......well !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.   Actually I believe that is a good one that Michael could get involved in for he has been a vegetarian for, isn't it now over 30 years, so apart from supplying a recipe or two he could give advice on protein intake !!!!!! LOL LOL LOL  ......I am beginning to sound like the "dripping tap" or just..................yeah !!!! LOL.     To be serious; surely there are vegetarians out there "lurking" about who could come in a give some advice and as I say some recipes for most of mine are made up of ingredients I like and they are all tossed together and thrown in a wok.

Another thing I thought about for one month and I know it is probably something we all do just about everyday of our lifes but I thought being a little bit more focussed on it and sharing it on here with friends instead of constantly being humble about for I believe it is something we all deserve to "pat ourselves on the back over" for although I have said "something we all do", unfortunately, that is not quite true for a lot don't and it is simply to do a "good turn" for a complete or relative stranger.....we could say to aim for at least one a week and as I say come on here and share what we have done and get a little bit of praise....and why the heck not ???? :)    Hopefully too in starting something like that and by becoming aware of and aware of how often you do "lend a hand" it could turn into a yearly resolution for some wouldn't that be a good and worthwhile achievement for starting this little thread which was the intent that Sylvie had in mind in suggesting it so that we could do something worthwhile and fun !! :)  Talking about "fun" here is another little joke which I hope helps to make you smile if you are having an old "dreich" morning like it is here in my little hometown for have you heard the one about the guy who knew he was far, far too subservient and knew he had to change especially when he went into a gents and saw a sign that said; "wet floor"; so he did .....boom, boom !!!!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend. 

After reading a particular comment somewhere yesterday I thought of this little "resolution" that we could set ourselves and set it too for the month of February for as we all know that is Michael's birthday month !! :)   Resolution I had in mind was for each of us to make up, possibly, a 4 to 6 line verse to send to Michael for his birthday on 26th February and we post them on here and hopefully MB will become a "lurker" a pop in and read them for although a lot may send him a birthday card there is not always room on such to maybe say something special that we want to.....this can give us the opportunity to do so as well as following a "resolution" to make up a verse !!

We have a joke; vegetarian recipe; advice on proteins and now a verse to tempt Michael into this thread with to make a comment......I will keep working on it and by hook or by crook maybe one day .....................!!! ROFL 

Here is a wee "verse" thingy that I saw on FB and I hope it makes you smile for it is a sweet message from quite a substantial part of everyone's home: 

"If you fall,


I will be there for you....

......signed; the Floor"  ......boom, boom !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



I just hopped in during my lunch break to find something enjoyable ... what a find! ROFL Sylvia, you made my day - Thank you so much.

My "kind of" limerick for you in return:

My heart felt alone in Germany,

Bored by routines so many. 

Now I'm rolling laughing on the floor

It is your postings I adore

Sylvia, your ideas are worth more than a penny.

OK, I guess I found my New Year's resolution: Improve my poetry!!! LOL

Greetings from 


LOL.......nothing wrong with your poetry Astrid and I certainly appreciate the sentiment expressed in your limerick - thank you !!! :)  As I have said often I believe one of the great panaceas of life is laughter and therefore if I can make one person laugh or smile at something I write or say I for sure am pleased and makes the effort more than worthwhile.   

If you truly feel your poetry needs improving why don't you practice for the inclusion of a limerick to Michael in February when we really start with the resolutions Astrid and give us all the benefit of your wit and humour which you have plenty of girl......just so long as it has nothing to do with "scarfs" ...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

OK, I see the dynamic duo (Sylvia and Sylvie) are causing a New Year frenzy on Michael's site!!!!   LOL!!!!!  Well you nutty girls, sorry I've have been missing in action....but mom is still with the Shingles, and this is a busy time for me at the office.  So I'm spending what little free time I have, on Facebook and not have much time to visit here and Barry's site too.  But will try to visit here when I can!!!

My New Years resolution (as I've said on Facebook), is to cook more, exercise more, and try to get out of the house more often.  This month, I've gone out to dinner a few times, so that is a start.  February, I have two nights with Barry Manilow...and am planning to see the Broadway show "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" with two friends.  I hear it is a great show, and hopefully the weather will be ok so we can plan it.  I have not yet baked any cookies, since the last few weekends have been busy and mom is not well, but I have all the ingredients and hope to make them soon!!!  I have also treated myself to the new Vitamix blender, which I can make soup, ice cream or use it as a normal blender.  I have ordered another cookbook for my collection from QVC, that mom is buying for me on my upcoming birthday.  So I am enthusiastic about cooking, even if it's taking some time to get there!!!  I did see a recipie that I like in a magazine.....salmon burgers and steamed Kale as a side dish.  Would like to make that if I can get to the market.  We are expecting snow tonight, and another storm on Saturday.....yuck!!!!  So I'll have to wait and see.....

ok girls....catch you all later!!!


Helena  xx  

Hey Helena, good to read you here sweetie! I’m happy to hear you’ve started on your resolution already. May I ask who’s in the show you’ll be seeing? Just curious. I hear the movie wasn’t terribly successful, eons ago, when it came out so I’m having a little trouble grasping the concept of a Broadway show about it. I hope you’ll report on it and your Barry shows in the “Off topic” section! Good luck on your resolutions sweetie. Do you think giving yourself a deadline would work? I’m thinking that since you’ll get your new cookbook next month, you may resolved to make X dish or dishes in March. It’s a thought. All right Helena, good to read you here girl, give your mom my best and hope you visit again soon. Hugs, sincerely,  Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie!  I'm not sure if anyone famous is in "Priscilla", but Bette Midler is the producer of the show.  Barry Manilow saw the show when it first opened, since he is old friends with Bette.  Yes, I will post a review on both this show and my two nights with Barry. When it comes to my resolutions, I won't bother with any deadline, based on the stress I sometimes go thru in my personal life.  But I am determine to accomplish what I can.  I have a few cookbooks that I bought last year, and I need to go over those as well.  My blender was delivered today, so tomorrow (Saturday) I will take it out of the box and look it over.  It also comes with a cook book with soup and general recipies, and a book for smoothies and drinks as well.  ok, gonna get ready for the snow that is coming our way.  Hope you all have a nice weekend!!! 

Helena xx

Hi, Sylvia

I love the idea of your post and sharing each other our wishes and resolutions.

As I've written on the Michael's one,

for this year is with all the love, tolerance

and peace that is possible....., to live full with whole family and friends

everyday like if were my last one . Thanks a lot for sharing you one too....!!

Take care


Thanks Helena and Mariu for coming into the thread and sharing with us your New Year Resolutions and I hope for both of you, in your totally different goals, that everything works out as you wish and you can accomplish all you set yourselfs...goodluck !!!! :)

I do hope that you will come back in often and see what the "dynamic duo", as Helena has called us, get up to over the coming months and join in whenever you can and remember we are still looking for suggestions for things we may attempt to do each month......sorry folks.....jumping in the Clyde with a brick round my neck is out for me ......think of something else, please !!!!!!! lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.  

All this talk about and reporting of a golf competition made me think of another resolution we could all follow and that is to take up a sport or at least a very definite form of exercise !! :)

Must admit I quite like the golf one and then maybe we could encourage Michael to come on here and give us some handy tips from one of his favourite pastimes !! lol   So far I have got a joke, a vegetarian recipe, advice on proteins, limerick or verse for someone's birthday and now one-to-one coaching on golf.....I must be getting near at least tempting MB to take one of the biggest steps he has ever taken in his life and post a comment here....even it is just to say; "NO WAY - on your bikes !!" .....talking about sport that would be quite ??? lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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