Hi  I was wondering if anyone else on here has a meet and greet at Newcastle through gigs and tours.  The show is 6 days away and I still haven't got my ticket when I rang them they said no they haven't been despatched and if I didn't get them just ring and they would send a copy to the box office on the night.  To say I am panicking is an understatement has anyone else been in the same boat.

Lynne xx

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Hi Lynne
I also have not received my M&G tickets for Newcastle, two tickets costing just under £500.
I have rang them today, only to be told that they still hadn't dispatched mine even though website stated 96% already have been.
With only 5 more posts before I travel to Newcastle for the show, I'm quite disgusted with the ticket company. Their csa reassured me I'd get them on time but I told her how annoyed I felt, as checked two weeks ago on gigs and tours website and 96% had been despatched then. This means no more tickets of the 4% have been posted out over this period of time!:(
I'm so pleased you have posted on here, as would be nice to know if anyone else is waiting for their tickets at this late unacceptable time. Good money has been paid for these tickets, and they're printed so can't understand the stumbling block as to why they're not getting posted out!!!
I purchased some resale tickets late for Nottingham and got them instantly, with another ticket outlet.

Ann xx


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