Hi all, never in a million years did think l would ever say this but l was so disappointed by last nights show in Nottingham, that l actually considered leaving before the end. Yes the band are great and yes the backing singer (Sam Fry?) had an alrightish voice, but l didn't  go to see them in concert, l went to hear Michael Bolton's magnificent voice and stage show, which l have enjoyed at every concert l have attended, without fail.

If l had wanted to hear long sessions from the band (albeit good) l would have gone to see a musicians concert and if l had wanted to watch an alrightish singer, l would have booked a stage musical and enjoyed the show! I am sorry, but l am really, really disappointed. l know Michael is a very good person, but l truthfully think he tried to over-stretch himself last night and his show suffered as a consequence. As it goes, there were a lot of people agree with me as we were leaving the concert hall.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but these are the true feelings of a very long standing, deeply disappointed fan.


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Hi Stephanie, if you’ve attended a Michael concert in the past 7 years or so, the set-up with the break and medley in the middle is the same. Michael always says in interviews that he knows the fans want the hits, so even though he changes a song here and there, you’re practically guaranteed to hear about 90% of his biggest hits, so don’t worry. Have a great time in Sheffield and try to wear comfortable shoes! :D Take care Stephanie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Sylvie. Thanks for the info I'm sure I will have a great time  I can't wait to go. Last time Michael came, we had a very large amount of snow, so, we couldn't get to the venue. We had our tickets and everything, but the police were advising people not to venture out because the roads were that bad. it took me weeks to get over not being able to go so, as soon as the tickets became available for this concert, we were straight on the phone!  Take care, Stephaniexx

Hi again Stephanie, yes I remember that snowstorm and how devastated you all were. I know the feeling: in 2014, when Michael got sick, I was waiting until the last minute to leave the house to go to the concert and my daughter read on FB at the last minute, that Michael wasn't going on. It had been 5 years since my last concert and 10 years between visits to Montreal prior to that. Thank goodness, it was rescheduled within a few months.  I'm crossing my fingers for you all about the weather! :D Take care Stephanie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Sylvie. I remember when Michael came here to Sheffield in the 1990s and we went to see him for the first time. I had bought a couple of his albums and liked them straight away "time love and tenderness" and "Timeless the classics". So when Michael came I had to go and see him at the Sheffield Arena. I was instantly smitten! Kenny G was the support and I hadn't seen him before either! Michael was fantastic. I didn't know until afterwards, that the concert was cut short because Michael had been suffering from flu. Well, were all amazed how he managed to get through the songs that he did and make them sound so fantastic! So when he came again a few years ago, of course we had to be there! I too am hoping the weather holds out this time, but last time it was early december, so, I'm hoping now in april it will improve! Talk soon, take care, Stephanie.x

I attended the show at Nottingham on Wednesday night with my daughter, our seats were in the tenth row. We had a great view of the stage, so we were even more excited and looking forward to the show starting. 

It was fantastic to first see Gabrielle as the opening act, as I have a few of her cd's, but never seen her live before. Thought she was amazing, as love her music and even with the technical problems her voice was incredible.

Michael made his entrance onto the stage with 'Go The Distance' and went on to belt out many of his songs, particularly loved hearing 'Sweet Home Chicago' and getting to watch Michael play guitar for more than one song. Thought he looked relaxed and seemed to be really enjoying playing for the Nottingham audience, everyone was getting into the music.

Now to the real point of discussion!!!

MIchael brought forward his new backing singer Sam Fly to do three duets in succesion, and even though some are knocking her singing voice she did do a good job. Lets face it she had to live up to the singing talents of Amanda Brown and Kelly Levesque, two absolutely amazing singers that are not touring this time with him.

As Michael left the stage Sam went on to sing two of his big hits, and like 2014 tour it seems to of caused an out cry from fans. My personal opinion on this is, yes I too would prefer him to sing his own songs. All this voice saving talk could possibly be true, but on the other hand he could just be giving all the incredible musicians in his band a chance to express their talents. I love to hear J.P. DeLaire on saxaphone he's brilliant, and it's also wonderful to hear the others play their instruments too. Whilst this is going on though, the clock is ticking and Michael's absence from the stage is noticed. This show format is obviously not for everyone, but i thorougly enjoyed it. Missed not hearing Steel Bars immensely and a few other favourites of mine, but unless the show went on until the midnight hour there's just not time to give the audience all we expect unfortunately.

I've been a fan of his since 1990 when HAISTLWY hit the charts, his music over the years has given me inspiration and guided me through some tough times when i felt like giving up.  So thank you Michael, for all the music and there's not a chance that I would consider walking out in the middle of a show. My next show is Newcastle, M&G night and I'm very much looking forward to the show and meeting you as it will be an honour.  


Hi Ann and  thanks for your enthusiastic review. I’m glad to hear everyone enjoyed Gabrielle. I don’t know her, but she seems to be a U.K. favorite. I was under the impression that the “Dream job” winner was to perform with Michael on his U.K. tour. Did anyone know Sam before? It’s very possible Michael might want to showcase her. I remember in the early 90’s, Michael would make a point of introducing Vann Johnson when they would sing  a duet. Come to think of it, he also did it with Janis, when she would do the songwriting medley in ’02. We all have our favorite songs, but the concert only lasts so long, unfortunately. :D Well anyway, thanks again Ann and have a great time in Newcastle, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D  

Hi Sylvie

Thanks so much for being complimentary about my review!

Gabrielle is certainly very well known here in U.K., wonderful artist with so many great songs over the years. Afraid i hadn't heard of Sam Fly until it was announced, she would be the new backing singing touring with Michael. 'Dream job' winner Charlotte France, i believe is set to take the stage at three venues, starting in her home town of Sheffield, I wish her good luck and hope she has a fantasic time.

Yes looking forward to Newcastle now in 9 days time, then RAH London. 

Hugs, sincerely Ann from England x

Hi Helen

I completely and utterly agree.

I was so disgusted I wrote on his facebook page last year after coming back from Manchester and paying over £100 at 1am.

They wiped it off!!!!!!!!

Fans do not pay travel and take time off work to listen to others.

Its the first year I have not gone to a concert......................totally unfair on the fans.

Hi Alison. Could you tell me what you didn't enjoy about the concert. I am going next sunday to the sheffield city hall to see MB, and I would welcome your views. I have thoroughly enjoyed every MB concert I have been to, so, having read other peoples views,on this years format, I am somewhat apprehensive about what I am going to find!. Thanks, Stephanie.

Hi Stephanie, on the previous page, I've posted the link to the tour review thread. If you read James Duckworth's review, he had nothing but good things to say about the show. I guess it's a question of perception sweetie. Take care Stephanie and have a wonderful time. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks, Sylvie. I will still enjoy the concert because, it will just be good to see MB again after waiting all these years for his return! Stephaniex

Hi again Stephanie, may I ask how long it's been since your last MB concert? In any case,  I'm sure that for most fans, Michael never comes to our neck of the woods often enough... :D There was another review by this Rob guy who couldn't say enough good things about the show and especially Michael's performance. Well anyway, enjoy the show and hope to read your review of what you're comfortable sharing. Take good care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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