Hi all, never in a million years did think l would ever say this but l was so disappointed by last nights show in Nottingham, that l actually considered leaving before the end. Yes the band are great and yes the backing singer (Sam Fry?) had an alrightish voice, but l didn't  go to see them in concert, l went to hear Michael Bolton's magnificent voice and stage show, which l have enjoyed at every concert l have attended, without fail.

If l had wanted to hear long sessions from the band (albeit good) l would have gone to see a musicians concert and if l had wanted to watch an alrightish singer, l would have booked a stage musical and enjoyed the show! I am sorry, but l am really, really disappointed. l know Michael is a very good person, but l truthfully think he tried to over-stretch himself last night and his show suffered as a consequence. As it goes, there were a lot of people agree with me as we were leaving the concert hall.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but these are the true feelings of a very long standing, deeply disappointed fan.


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Hi, Sylvie. The last time I saw MB was about seven years ago at the sheffield city hall. The concert was absolutely fantastic, and that is why I cannot wait until sunday, when I will see him again! The weather forecast is quite good, a sharp contrast from last time MB came to sheffield! So that is a bonus! Talk soon, Stephanie.

Helen. i went to the Cardiff concert tonite (14th) and experienced exactly the same show as yourself. Also like yourselves left feeling very disappointed. ruined all memories of previous excellent concerts. Sad thing was when he was on stage he rocked

I have to agree with Helen.

We had a lot of dissapointed fans in Berlin some time ago too.

The part of the concert background singers had were bigger than the part Michael had.

There can always be reasons why it is not possible to go through a concert but when I go to see Michael Bolton in concert I expect to see and hear him and not his background singers and band.

One hour Michael Bolton would be less dissapointing than 30 min Michael Bolton and 70 min his background singers and band in concert.

Today I would think twice if I would go to his concert again and I think singers live from the visitors who visit them again and again and not just once.


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