I am bringing my girlfriend (wife 2 weeks after the show) to the concert at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, England and would really like to know how i can get Michael to Meet her or give her a mention at the show. She is his biggest fan and she does a lot of work looking after her disabled sister. this would be a dream come true for her and i would love to make this happen for her. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP

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What a lovely boyfriend you are, but I think your Girlfriend would have a challenge on her hands to claim to be Michael biggest fan! Ha Ha!! We all say that dont we? Ha Ha!! ;)

As for meet and greet passes, keep a look out on sites like ebay or charity bids or club charity, they're probably your best option. They usually come up on line around this period before a concert so it might be worth checking ebay.com aswell. They do tend to go for very high prices though so be prepared. This year some went for over $6,000

Hope you both enjoy the concert. Dont forget to post your photos when you get back. I'll be at the royal Albert Hall concert.

Good luck!
Love Jennifer
Christopher, you may also want to check with the venue or local radio stations for any meet and greets being set up. Gail


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