The entire "Bolton Family" send you above sentiment and some have added their own personal messages to this card so please, sit back, relax and read on...............



Have to inform that this thread will only remain open until Wednesday, at the latest, and then Gail will send to Michael so if you know anyone, who you believe would like to send a message, please inform them about this thread.   Thanks !! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend   27

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          Dear Michael,

          be cool and health, You are my Soul Provider

          with love Marie from Prague

Well Done Marie!!!

                                           Dear Anna, endlessly You are here too

                  hug and kiss You

                  with love M    

Dear Michael! Illness is something ugly! And it has met you again! Maybe you were not still really healthy?! Your fans love you! And they love your endless activity! But now is the time you must thinks to yourself! You are constantly active! You give even concerts in icy cold! All fans are glad about your concerts! But your fans would be also glad about less concerts! You should come first. Only then your Charities and your fans! Please becomes soon again really healthy! Your fans on the website make a lot of thoughts around to you! I keep quite firmly the fingers crossed! Keep! And comes back when you again 100% is healthy!!!

My English is not good! But you will understand it, nevertheless!

Petra Christine (Germany)

Thoughts and prayers are with you. Get better soon Michael


Pauline ( Nottingham )

Dear Michael! You are still sick? Everything needs time!!! I wish you a lot of patience!!!

Petra Christine (Germany)

I cannot wait to see you laughing again! Become quickly healthy, Michael!!!

Petra Christine (Germany)

Sweet Michael, GET WELL SOON!!! ( Missing YOU Now!)

With my Love and Heart Italian  to YOU for YOU forever!!!

With Love Anna Rita Damiano

Hello Michael, am sad you are not feeling well. Please take care of your self and rest well. May God bless you, and I wish you speedy recovery. Remember, ONE LOVE is all that you need, and you are surely getting it in bunch from me and all your other fans. See you at the Living Arts Center in Mississauga, Canada on June 3rd. I will be sitting in the 2nd row smiling at you. Get well soon. Love you.



          Dear Michael,

          GET WELL SOON!!! ( Missing YOU Now!)

          With my Love and Heart Czech  to YOU for YOU forever!!!

          Marie from Prague completely with YOU

Marie-Love the photo you used here..MB This picture of you is from Tioga Downs last September 2013 and you were imitating a sweet little girl at the stage that nigh!!  Get well soon. :)

Robin in MD :)

Michael Please Get Well Soon!!! Joyce


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