Dream of love paradise

When I see the brilliance of the sea waves
I think of your smile
When I catch the wind in your hair
I want to sit with you along the coast for a while

Looking the sea I want to whisper in your ear
That I love you with all my heart
I've looked for you so many years
And you're the woman of my life's start

God has placed this distance between us
To feel the power of this hope
To show to all the angels at last
That there are no borders for the love

Every day my feelings become more intensity
Like fire melt the miles of ice
I want to come to your city
Come true to our dream of love paradise


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Thanks for the attention.

Sincerely Yours Branimir

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Whata beautiful poem Branimir.


I write poetry myself and have written a book full of my poems.


Love Jennifer XX

Thanks Jennifer. I wrote a book of poems too but i burned them nearly all(they were sad and negative). They were in my language. I have a few poems in english but they are religious..

Here are a couple of my poems Branimir. Like you, alot of mine are sad, but I do write a lot that are happy and funny too.


I write about my own life and about hte lives of my friends too.


I have sold quite a lot of my work and take orders for poems for people to present to others as gifts.


I hope you like them.


Love Jennifer XX


We are not heroic, we are woman!

The courage you have given me,
and the strength to face each day,
The sense of hope that you bestow,
Just by the words you say.

Now it's time to turn around,
and listen to your own advice,
Just take your strength and courage,
And repeat this sentence twice.

“I know that I can do this,
I know that I am strong,
I know I have the will to survive,
The courage to carry on.
I have my friends around me,
To support me everyday,
I know my family are with me,
For every step along the way!”


Copyright Jennifer Steadman May 04




For Amelia (Michaels Granddaughter.)


A beautiful little baby girl,
Whose hair it lay,
With gentle curl.
Whose eyes like velvet,
Watch with awe,
All things she’s never seen before.
Her cheeks so smooth,
No blemish seen.
With button nose,
Found in between.
Her tiny ears,
from pixies came,
And by loving her,
You gave her name.

Jennifer Steadman © October 2010.

That's a muse Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your talent.


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