Sorry Everyone,


Trying to post some pics of Micahel, but not sure how on this website - tried a couple different ways, but not working - Can anyone help?...........

I am sure it is right in front of my face, just not seeing it!........


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Okay I just clicked on the little camera oic than picked a picture straight from my hard-drive and it worked
Hope I helped

This picture works for me!!! Yeeeehah!!

NB: Just realised that you only have 15 minutes to edit a post once its been posted and so all I did was clicked into the message to edit mine to add this note and it worked.
Hi all!
Here is my pic from Milano 2010!

You can also add videos or pictures on the main site too. You can upload them from your computer or bring ones over from etc. They will be listed in your videos or your pictures but if you give it permission for all to see then they will show when you click on all videos or all music. This way we can share MB things with everyone there. I've added about 4 trying it out. Works pretty good. There are a few things we could do on the other one and I haven't figured out how to do here...such as signatures or banners. If you have any questions email to the address under the first news article.

Try everything and see how it all works and if you have any questions..that's what they want you to do..test it out for others coming along when it is made live.


Old photo....Just testing how to upload photos
Piece of cake!.....and fast, too.

Its great isnt it?
I love it!!

Love Jennifer XXXX


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