Here is a video of an interview Michael did today.

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this is the interview i have on my iphone look on the 29th he is nearly at the end of the recording
Thanks, Gail! Great interview!

THanks Gail, I'm learning here

It's a great interview. Thank you Gail for sharing it with us all.

Love Jennifer XXX
Thanks for sharing this Gail, I love listening to him talk almost as much as I love listening to him sing!!
I agree Beverly he has a very nice spoken voice as well
Thanks Gail for these links
Love Dianna xxx

Ok...I have two appearances so far:

5/7 - Ellen Degeneres
5/4 - John Pisto - Monterey Cooking on the American Life station - this is a repeat from the mid 1990's I think but always fun to watch. They are cooking veggie pizza

If I get anymore will post and put them on the google calendar and hopefully they will be on the Events calendar here as well. Gail
I can't wait to see him on Ellen! She has such a funny show, and he will have so much fun on there with her! Thanks for letting us know the dates. Bev
I also think Ellen's great wasn't she the one that gave Michael and Nic a table tennis table?
Hope it's on over here!
Love Dianna xxx

Just found another one...Jay Leno on May 4th.


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