Here is a video of an interview Michael did today.

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I want to go to that school ,never mind Dylan ,ha
LOL I just watched my DVR of JK LIve. OMG the singing school is so funny! What a cool skit to have MB do on there. I like the little cut away for commercial too with the back-up gals fussing while he's trying to shoot pool... Then the performance, was fantastic! Hey Brian is back on piano. I enjoyed it. Shame no couch time but he was a part of the show throughout! Cute!!!!
Just a short clip of him and two backup gals shooting pool and they start arguing over the shot and he gives up and set the cute down and crosses his arms like he's annoyed with them. It was when they were going to commercial right before he sang-it was cute!
I use iPod ripper to load videos on my ipod.

It was Juliet who told me how to do it.

You can download 3 dvd's free and then you pay a small fee for a lifetime of downloading.

Hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XXX
Well I should have known ya'll were ahead of me. I posted the links for the full episode on it's own thread too. So I'm guessing everyone will see it now. I really thought MB did a terrific job...with the song but his little skit was really good...his acting was pretty good!!!
Yes Gail I thought he did a very good job on the little skit too! Too cute!!!THANKS!
It was the cutest thing I have seen Michael do.
Bill and I were laughing it was just great.
Love Dianna xxx
Hey, exactly, Brian is back too!!!!
Loved them thanks Pilar!
Love Dianna xxx

Hi Pilar, thank you so much for posting the Youtube links! I showed it to my 12 year old son and he loved it and I'm sending it to one of my friends. At last count, the video was viewed 3303 times! I love it! Take care and thanks again. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Lol Sharon, I'm with you! Wasn't that the most adorable thing you ever saw? And Michael plays it straight too... or tried to... I loved it! Wouldn't we love for our kids to sing that way? And wasn't that your favorite version of "Itsy-bitsy spiders"? lol I'll have to show it to my own son: I'm so glad they put it on Youtube! God bless America! BTW Sharon, did you show it to Dylan? :) If you do, let us know what he thinks! Take care, hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Sylvie ,Dylan laughed when Michael started to push the kid off the sit and blocked them ,He said "hes mad " ha ,Think hes a bit young to get the humour


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