Michael was Amazing!! Loved being there and I also met a new MB friend Lynn. Wish I was going tonight to Mississippi State to see him again. Do you think we can ever get him to sing 4 hours? Two goes by way too fast!

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Hi Geenda, so glad you had a great time on Saturday and meeting up w my travel buddy, Lynn. You're right, two hrs goes by oh so fast. As many a shows that I've been to, I start wheeling down to a point during the show and I fear the end is near. But, until next time! Right? Hope to see you down the road. Thanks Gwenda.
Sorry for the miss spelling of your name. I'm on my phone and for some reason I wasn't able to correct that.

Hi Gwenda and thanks so much for coming on and letting us know about Alabama and so glad you had super time !! :)  Maybe if that Lottery ever comes up that I keep dreaming about and being able to afford a private concert for us all will get him to do the 4 hours instead of 2 or might even run to 2 private concerts.....keep on dreaming I believe are the words that follow that and I will !!!! lol

Can I just add on here link into the 2015 Tour Review thread if you felt like popping on there   http://michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/welcome-to-the-2015-tour-revi...

Thanks again Gwenda and hope you get another concert soon that suits...thanks !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Gwenda, thanks for posting here about your fun night at the show and meeting Lynn.  I am behind on here but hope you will pop over as Sylvia suggested to the 2015 Tour Review thread were all these posts are in one place. 

Enjoy the site and welcome again! Thanks for sharing!!!

YES I wish MB could do a 4 hour show too at times! Yikes for him but we'd all have a fun time!! LOL It goes way too fast.

Robin in MD :)


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