Does anybody even remember 45 records?

Well I'm trying to find out - what was on the 'flipside' of

Michaels 45 that featured Sitting on the Dock of the bay.

I'm looking for the song on the other side....

anyone know?

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I have 45's, but not that one.

Shucks - oh well ... hopefully someone out there will have it still.
Wasn't sure how I could research this - I tried a bunch of different ways,
but came up empty handed. So I turned to this Forum, hopeing someone knew.
Thanks~! :-)



Wow ... hummmmmm -- then I was all wrong.
I was looking for a particular song, I'd know the name if I heard it.
I thought for sure it was on the flip side of that one, but I guess not.
Silly me.

It's kinda crazy that I don't remember this -
It was actually my wedding song .. but that was MANY MANY years ago.
(divorced now)
But it came up in conversation, I can't remember it and now it's driving me crazy~!
Ya know how that is :-)~
I'm thinking it's 'That's what love is all about' ... I'm gonna have to listen to
How am I supposed to live without you -- but I'm pretty sure it's
What love is all about...

THanks~!!! :-)
Hi Dee and welcome to the forum. Oh I remember 45’s and like Gloria, I have a whole bunch of them. I have 2 or 3 different 45’s of “Dock of the bay”, including one with a “beefy mix” of the song. I don’t know for sure, but something tells me that if this was your wedding song and it was on the flip side of “DOTB”, it might have been “That’s what love is all about”? “DOTB” is a song on the “The hunger” album and often times, record companies would put a song from the previous album of an artist, so fans would want to look another album up, I’m guessing. But in this case, like on Gloria’s 45, “Call my name” was on “Everybody’s crazy” and there’s no other ballad that could be considered a wedding song on that album. Now, on the other hand, on the “The hunger” album, there’s a beautiful ballad called “Walk away” but that wouldn’t be a very happy wedding song, now would it? :D So “That’s what love is all about” would be your best bet Dee. Check it out:
Let me know if that’s not it and we’ll keep searching! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Yup ... THANKS ... I thought it was 'That's waht love is all about' but even when I listened to it, last
night - I just wasn't sure -- but what I 'thought' I was sure of - that it was on the flip side of that 45 record
with Dock of the Bay ... so I thought, if someone knew for sure what that was .. and if it was different
then ... That's what love is all about'
BUT .. I think we got it - here....
Thanks for your help.
I don't have to drive myself crazy thinking about it anymore. :-)~
Personally, I always thought that 'Now that I Found You' would make a lovely wedding song! The only flip side of 'Dock of the Bay' I can find is 'Call my Name'. xxx


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