Hi ladies. Good to see you on this new board. As you know the most splendid song that i like is "I Promise You" by Michael Bolton. And ladies, if i find my loving woman i'll try to invite Mrs Steadman and company on the wedding, and not only them ;-) so hope for invitation...

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Hi there, I agree that "I promise you" is certainly in the top 10 of Michael's Just splendid songs but frankly, I think we could probably pick one off every album, and even some that aren't on his albums, like "Once in a lifetime", for instance, or even some he's sung but not officially recorded like "A change is gonna come". I also think that "Now that I've found you", "said I loved you...", "This river", "Show her the way", "Simply", "Eternally" and "What are you doing the rest of your life" have some of the greatest lyrics ever, along with Jennifer's favorite " In the arms of love"...I personally can't pick just one that I can qualify as "the most splendid", but that's just me! I wish you well in finding someone to share that song with! Take care and welcome back to the forum. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Brany ,welcome back .
I loved the movie only you, even named my daughter Faith (marissa Tomei's characters names) so the song once in a lifetime is so special to me,
The words to all that you deserve touch me so deeply,

but my big one is A time for letting go, i have used this song as my facebook quote, to comfort people after losing someone, and to comfort myself a bit after losng Mum last year, the section i use is

When you're standin' tall tomorrow
Looking back at yesterday
Through the memory of your sorrow
How the dawn was so far away
You'll be far beyond the shadow
Where hearts can learn to shine
And you'll realize the endless night
Was only a moment in time

so beautiful!

I also love Dance with me, so fun and sassy Michael :) and many more soul of my soul, REALLY loved The one thing album :)
Hi Kim magee . Welcome to the Bolton forum(I'm an old dog here ;-) ). I'm so surprised of your chosen song. "A time for letting go" is one of my favourite songs. I think that Michael has to record a whole album "on this wave"... and ladies what do you think about a whole album - The album " A time for letting go". I thing it will be so amazing... I hope that Mr. Bolton reads this discussions
Hi Branimir,
nice to see you here again! I Promise You, is a fantastic Wedding Song!
I often listen to it, hoping that one day I meet that special one again too. My eyes are open, I just gotta open the heart and let it happen!
Hope that I get that invite to your Wedding along with Mrs. Steadman and company. I love to see people fall truley in love, there is such a
great warmth in the surrounding of true love that is undescribable but felt by all those present in it...



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