OK so i downloaded some music to the playlist but it does not play HELP!!!!!:(

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Hi Helen
I downloaded 10 songs on here and only 2 of them said they copied but they didn't
Than I thought really what is the good of it I have my music on my computer anyway I have over 20 gig of music on my hard-drive and it's no big deal just to listen straight from the computer.
I also have a couple of DVD on there as well so I'm not too worried about it.
So sorry I can't help you on this one.
I manage to upload a video of Caitlyn and then realised it stays with the MIchael Bolton Videos so I took that off.
Love Dianna xxx

When you go to your profile page just above the media player it say 'Edit' click on that and it will give you options on-

Autoplay, Show playlist, Shuffle the list,

Click on Autoplay and everytime you go to the page it will start playing. It does take a few seconds to start the tracks.
The media player will only play MP3 formatted tracks.

Hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XXX
ok i figured it out so now i have music in the playlist :)
I had to change my settings on my Windows Media Player to rip my cds to MP3..it works.. love that we can add music!!
Okay now I get it
This means that when someone says I'm listening to .......Whatever /whoever we can upload the song for others to listen too on our page.
Not a bad idea at all, will have to put some of my Favourite's on here
And then there are songs that all of us have not heard for a number of years and maybe able to share these as well.
So not a bad idea at all!!!!
Love Dianna xxx

All music that is to be loaded onto the player on your profile page must be in MP3 format.

If you already have files saved to your pc that are not in mp3 format, you will need to download a fille format changer to change them into mp3's.

Next time you are planning to rip music from a cd using windows media player, click on the rip tab at the top of the player, the format and choose the mp3 option.

This way, you can add as many songs as you like to the player on your profile page.

Hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XX

Hi everyone, I figured out something and I don't see it posted anywhere so here is my tip:

The easiest way to get music on your page is this:
Go to another page, go to mine if you want.
Go to my music on the left side,
Click on a song you want,
Go up to the black arrow on the right
Click on SHARE and it should take the song to your page.
There-you just stole it from me!! It's OK, it's sharing not stealing!
from the Jersey Shore

This will only work if the persons page you are visiting has set their music player to share their music. I have set mine so that it doesnt share becasue I have a couple of tracks on there that have a copyright attached so it was safer to apply the 'not share' button to avoid any upset to Michael or Orrin. 


Also the music player will only hold 100 songs.


Love Jennifer XX

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for more details on this!




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