This is my favorite one of all time!

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That is just precious. Love it so much.


Good evening Mr Hayes.

I understand so much love and tenderness in this picture. Very moving.

Kisses to Ashley and thoughts from France <3 <3 <3

.... priceless ... Thanks Mr. Hayes for sharing !!!

From Germany best wishes to you and Miss Ashley !


Hi Tom and thanks so much for coming in to share that beautiful photo with us is gorgeous and next time you meet him there has to be an up-date taken !!!! :)

Thanks Tom and hope you and Ashley are well !! :)

Can I take opportunity to say to you that you haven't come in and voted for your 5 favourite songs that you would like to hear Michael sing at a concert from ones he hasn't sung for a long time if hardly ever.  I have dropped you little notes but you've just ignored them....cheek of you !!! LOL  Seriously Tom, please think about coming in and here is link to the thread where you can vote  Closing date is tomorrow at midnight EPT....still got a couple of days !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia I am sorry I do not respond well but I am just so tired all the time that I rarely get online at all. Today is unusual for me to even be on but I will try to be better in the future. Love Me & Boo

Hey Tom, I was joking.....honestly, I wouldn't have given you into trouble, honest  !!! lol  

Hope you do feel better soon or, at least, that those doctors of yours finally find an answer and then you can know what to do....hope all goes well Tom !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


well it has taken forever but my Drs are going to open my heart soon and replace a valve and fix a puffed out artery and it should be within the next month or so. I need it as my blood flow is down to about 50% thru the aortic valve and I am dead tired all the time. Thanks Sylvia for your encouragement! Tom

Hi Sylvia I dont ignore your notes I dont even have a facebook page and to be honest online I am not the most social person you will ever meet LOL The online stuff is Ashley's thing and a lot of what is said in posts goes way over her head. If she tells me about something then I try to look at it and respond or sometimes Kathy Rosario will bring things to my attention and then I will respond. I never thought getting old was going to be this hard but it is! Love you Sylvia you are very special and I will try to do better if I can remember better.

Hi Tom and thanks a million for coming in and letting us know how things are going.  Although I am sorry to hear it has come down to your needing surgery, happy that eventually it will be done.   You wait and see what a difference it makes to your life for pretty sure it will Tom, pretty sure !!! :)   Obviously hope, whenever it gets scheduled for, all goes well and wishing you a good, speedy and healthy recovery.

Have to say though, less of this getting old ..... don't like to hear those words !!! LOL  We are the new   RECYCLED TEENAGERS so hey, let's go, let's party and let's let our hair down ..... oh, wait a minute, maybe that is going tooooooooooooooo far when quite a few of us, especially the men, don't have as much as they once did so maybe will stick with what is safe and just say, "let's party !!!" LOL

As I've said Tom, all the very, very best to you and please let us know how things go, okay ??? :)    Lots of love to you and Ashley and know I'll be thinking of you and sending extra special vibes and good wishes across the Pond ..... take care Tom !!! :)  xoxo

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thank you Mr. Hayes for sharing this lovely photo with us all!!
Sandra UK


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