You guys are SO lucky to have concerts to look forward to and I hope you all have a great time (how could you not).  I've been to two concerts this year and too many to count overall.  People always ask me how I can keep going to see someone I've seen SO many times.  My answer is: if you're a fan of Michael's there is no such thing as going to too many concerts.  Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic experience and I can't wait to read all the reviews. 



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Oooh yes, I totaly agree with you can never have enough of Michael!! Ha Ha!

Thnk you for your lovely comments and wishes.

Us UK girls are looking forward to the UK legg of the tour and I'm attending the Royal Albert Hall on the 23rd November and I cant wait!!!

Thanks again,

Love Jennifer XXX
Thank you Diane, I am looking forward to the Bristol concert on the 29th, it will be my 4th Michael concert, and I hope to get to many more, I agree you can NEVER GET TOO MUCH MICHAEL!! My dream would be to follow the whole tour and go to every UK venue if I had the chance. Each concert I,ve been to has been an amazing experience, Michael has a special unique way with him, and puts 150% into every show.

Love Sandra x
cant wait for the uk leg to start mine starts on the 9th nov with newcastle right through to the last one at manchester .i said last year i was going to try to do every concert this year and i am even if i have to sleep in the car lol . so i might see you at bristol sandra i never get enough of mb every one is abit different in some way and it cant come quick enough 14 concerts and its still not enough lol
Thanks so much Diane. I'm so looking forward to going to Royal Albert Hall on the 23rd November and Bournemouth on the 27th November. That will be three this year. Wish I could do what Helen's doing that would be awesome!! :)

Love Deb xx
Wow Helen, that sounds like a lot of fun!!! No, we can't ever get enough of Michael!!! I had a great streak of concerts, but not 14 in a row, that would be wonderful!!!! Have fun and take care of him over there in the UK!!!
thanks kerie yes it will be alot of fun but also very nervous never done this much travelling alone i will be meeting with a few friends when i get there .driving on your own across the country gets a bit boaring but i do have my music lol .and i will take very good care of mb dont worry i just wont let him go home lol
Have a blast Helen. Wow 14 shows, way to go!!!! One summer I did 23 shows, not all in a row but it was a fun year, I couldn't do that again now but had a BLAST in 2002 when I did..

I expect some reviews from you on the Tour Review Thread!!!!! :)
Robin :)
After having tickets for nearly a year, I can't believe its almost time to go!! WooHoo! I can't wait! 3 for me this year- I will be in Cardiff, Bournemouth and Bristol! xxx
Me? I'm only attending the Royal Albert Hall concert this year. Well apart fro mthe Hampton court concert back in June that is.

I wish I could see more concerts, but sadly this would be a logistical nightmare for me with my wheelchair....*Heavy sigh*.

Still, I am totally delighted to be at the RAH this year again. Yippeeeee!! I cant wait!!

Love Jennifer XX
Jennifer I say you contact your local airline and demand that they convert your chair into a flying machine!!!! LOL And don't forget to pick me up for all the UK concerts. I will be waiting in my driveway.....LOL...LOL....Wouldn't that just be the cats meow? OMG

Have a blast at RAH!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I'm waiting for your reviews as well!

with love

Silvy XX
i went to see michael in liverpool on the 15th nov it was the best night of my life xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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