You guys are SO lucky to have concerts to look forward to and I hope you all have a great time (how could you not).  I've been to two concerts this year and too many to count overall.  People always ask me how I can keep going to see someone I've seen SO many times.  My answer is: if you're a fan of Michael's there is no such thing as going to too many concerts.  Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic experience and I can't wait to read all the reviews. 



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Hello everybody!!
I'll be in Sheffield on 3rd Dec and Manchester 5th. I'm travelling from Madrid by myself so it would be great if I could meet anyone there and share the experience.
Can't wait for both concerts!!!
Myself and Andrea have 3 more days ,well 2 and a half as we see him Thursday in Dublin.Cannot wait ,whoo hoo.xx
Can't wait to hear all your reviews. Have a great time.

Have a great time Sharon. I hope to get some reviews from you over in the Concert Reviews Thread!!!
Robin :)
Have a blast Sharon and Andrea!!!! Once you have your feet back on the certain to let us all know how much fun you had!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
All of you who are going Michael's UK concert, good trip
and have fun !!! Well, I sure it will be like that.
Take care
great night 15th nov liverpool best night of my life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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