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Not posted in a while, due to life getting in the way! Been keeping up to speed regularly though! A fun and informative read as always!

Anyhow, does anyone know anything about this....

UK Gig in York

Is it to promote this special project MB has been working on?

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It's at Burton Agnes near Bridlington on 1 August and seems to be £55 per ticket for an outdoor concert but you have to pay for parking as well.  It's been talked about on Facebook tonight.  No idea why he would be going there but hoping that seeing as he has his band and everything in this country that he might do some indoor events as well.  Fingers crossed!!!

I heard about it on Thursday but despite trying to find out how true it is I have no confirmation about the gig at the Bluebell Hotel in Burton Agnes. Waiting for confirmations as I was conned years agp when a National Sunday Paper advertised a Michael concert in London. Thousands applied but it was a con trick. So don't want my credit account emptied and frightened to book anything. Bluebell Inn seem to be giving diffeent answers to different people are far as I am told. xxx

For anyone popping on here who is not fully aware of different threads within the forum here is link to Dates Added where Gail will place confirmation once she has received it from Michael's management.


Should also like to reiterate what I did say on FB and that is that this company is in no way dubious.  They have held and are holding numerous concerts by stars as well known as Michael Bolton if not more.  There are pictures from the venue on different internet sites which also give you phone number for Hotel so there is no way it is some spurious adverts that have been created with a false number to lure you.  I personally have been in touch twice with the Hotel and various people I know have also been in touch and booked through the Hotel or, through the booking form, in one of their sites..

All this situation boils down to is, once  again, awaiting confirmation and whether YOU are willing to purchase a ticket to a show without that confirmation.  Car parking costs £2.95 Wendy.  The cost is £55 with a £5 booking fee so, in total, it is £62.95 with car parking.  Apart from details on Dates Added thread there are others on the 2015 Tour Review thread.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I booked a ticket today as MB said on Twitter this afternoon that he was "looking forward to performing in Yorkshire this summer" so had a look at the hotel's website and it appears to be an outside concert.  I've booked a ticket (used credit card for safety!), but this venue has had big names in the past and Status Quo are playing two gigs next month too so this appears genuine and there are still tickets as it's not widely publicised.  I was/am extremely surprised at the venue/location as it's like U2 playing some obscure backwater hotel, but it happens!  If not for the fact I've seen the dates Status Quo are playing in May advertised on their own website, I would be thinking this is a scam.  Grab a ticket and pay with your credit card until you get confirmation as you'd be choked if you missed out after finding out it's for real!  Oh, and think about reserving a hotel room now if you need one as I really struggled today.  Good luck! :o)


Hi Elle and glad to hear you have got your ticket and if you take a look at the 2015 Tour Review thread as well MB Dates Added thread there are links on these pages which gives information about show and here is link to Tour Review thread where we all be arriving after 1st August and there had better be an onslaught on there from the UK with all those reviews and plenty of pics too ...LOL


It is an open air concert with standing room but if you want to take a seat with you you can and also if you require a seat the Hotel will provide you with one.  BTW please remember if you are travelling by car it is advised to buy a car parking space and that costs £2.95.  The venue holds approx. 5,000.  Can imagine hotel accommodation etc could go quickly in the area for it is also the August Bank Holiday so probability of plenty of people visiting Bridlington for the long weekend.

Hope to see you there Elle !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia, thanks for all the info.  Just wanted to confirm it's not Bank Holiday in England, that's 31 August, but I don't think it will make a lot of difference whether it's Bank Holiday or not - Bridlington will be rammed!!!  Burton Agnes certainly isn't big enough to take everyone - it's only a small place from what I've seen.  I'm hoping as Michael has his band and everything in England that he might do some other dates!  Can't wait to see him again!

Hi Wendy, went back and looked at calendar......great big "Bank Holiday" and in brackets, tiny writing beside, "Irl & Sct".   Thanks for information and sorry about but that is trouble now with public holidays for I just don't bother about them since I retired for it's like weekends, they don't exist anymore, everyday is a weekend....LOL

Thanks again Wendy !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Ah, lucky you being retired - enjoy your 7 day weekends!!  Wish I could say the same but unfortunately back at work tomorrow after 2 weeks off! x


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