To all fans and Michael himself,

I had the privilege of meeting Vann over 20 years ago while she would tour with Michael. We had an immediate spiritual connection and stayed in touch all these years. Every time she would come to the New York area I would see her. She got to know my whole family and became a very important person to me. She even gave me one of her song that I used for my wedding song in 1997. I recently found out that Vann passed away suddenly at a very young age. I was heart broken to lose her. She would call me every year to sing me happy birthday and I did the same for her every November 13th. The strangest thing of all is that the cancer that quickly ravaged her little body is exactly the same cancer that is was diagnosed with in 2014. It is called leiomysarcoma and it affects one in 5 million people. When I heard this is what took her life I was speechless and dumbfounded. I believe that that is why we are so connected. I would like to organize a memorial to Vann to celebrate her life and try to continue the message she so abundantly shared with all the met.... Love is all.... Vann will forever be in my heart and to quote one of her songs, she is On the Other Side of the Sun our guardian angel. Anyone who is interested in joining in this celebration of her life can email me at I wish I could get Michael's help with this, but have no way to contact him. If anyone can help be I would appreciate it. Her family is doing a private memorial in LA, but I would love to do something for her East coast fans. Thank you and God bless.

Maureen Farrell

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