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  Here some links about AT&T Peable Beach, and 3M celebrity challenge,

He did it again.

Enjoy !!!

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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the best!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Mariu!

Hurray!!!!!!!!!  :-))

Thanks Mariu!

Nicolette from Holland.

I saw this on FB last night. CONGRATS MB!!
Robin in Maryland :)

Also saw on FB, awesome news!!! Congratulations Michael!!


Love Deb xx

Congrat's Michael!!!   :)



Good job Michael!!!!  You're the best.



Yes he did! And the money he won goes to his Michael Bolton Charities! So, it's definitely a win/win all around!


Anna (in MO)

Just saw MB about 30 minutes ago on Golf Channel making a putt!!  I hope he does well.. He had on a long sleeve white t shirt with either a dark blue or black polo over it..Sunglasses on his head and dark pants. I have to rewind it later to check better... He is doing well out there way it sounds.. I hope my friend is there watching him play today!!

So there is coverage on TV as of today!

Robin in Maryland USA :)

Saw him make that, very good!  Looks great also!!!  Wish they would have shown him more that the one hole for the pro/am!  Oh well, maybe tomorrow!


Hey Robin, thanks for the update and the description! :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
saw him too!!!!!! People at the Spanish channel that speak about the tournament said very good things on him!!!!!


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