I am missing a few people here





Helen are you here?






There probably alot more


I can't seem to be able to invite them over can someone help us out here!

All the best

Dianna xxx


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Naturegirl(Rita) are you here?
Dianna xxx

Hi Dianna im here getting use to this but i like it and hope all is well with you , take care and God Bless You.
Kellie are you here
Love Dianna xxx

Thanks to you Dianna ,Im here .xx
I'm so glad
I haven't come across the book club topic yet so you may have to start that again.
Good to see you here Sharon
Love Dianna xxx

Thanks Dianna ,Yes think we will .Did you start your copy yet.x
Thanks Sharon..I am here!!! and Dianna thank you for your concern..this place is wonderful!!!
Good to see you here Ray!
All the best
Dianna xxx

Dianna..can you bring my sig here? Not sure how to do that..LOL..I'll send you my email address..Thanks..Hugs..
Sorry Ray they haven't set up for signatures yet but hopefully they will.
You have to have it on your computer and everytime you want to use it in your post you have to click on the camera icon and than find your signature or picture you wish to use and than click add.
If they have it here I haven't been able to find it yet!
All the best

Sharon and Ray, I've added you both as friends becasue we cant pm eachother unless we are freinds.

I've also post a thread in off topic about hints and tips on using this site.

Good to see you both here.
love Jennifer XXXX
Still learning ,Thanks Jenn .Thoughtful as usual .xx


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