I am missing a few people here





Helen are you here?






There probably alot more


I can't seem to be able to invite them over can someone help us out here!

All the best

Dianna xxx


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Well we've got the right Betty good to see you here
Dianna xxx
PS Love the eyes too

Has some one got Kellie's e-mail address I don't have it and I know she can have a hard time on the forums.
Jennifer perhaps you have it I don't think she has joined yet.
Could you perhaps send her an e-mail and tell her she needs to come to the new site.
I don't know Kellie's last name but "Girlfriend for life Kellie"
Love Dianna xx

Dianna i know someone told her about it on the old forum ,she might just not have had time yet.x
I've got Kellies address, So I'll e-mail her and tell her to get her butt over here!! Ha Ha!!

I've just asked Gail to send an invite to Carol (London) who posts on here as 'Updates.

I havent seen Clare or Jude yet, but I do know they have signed up so thats good.

I havent seen Michael Howarth, Gwen Bolton, Ivana or Karen Day either on the members list?

Perhaps we could all look at our friends list on the old site to make sure that nobody gets left behind?

Love Jennifer XXX
I know Carol (London) is here Jennifer
Not Sure about Ivana,Gwen,Karen or Michael though
Love Dianna xxx

I think I've got Ivanas and Michaels addresses, so I'll try and invite them.

Cant remember where I saw the invite link now though??

Love Jennifer XX
I see Kellie has found her way here so that's great!
Now there's still a few missing I feel
Just go to the home page and you will see the invite friends link
Love Dianna xxx
I found the invite link is also is on our profile pages too.

I've invited everyone who I have address for.

Just wondered, when the old site is closed, how will people know about this site and how will they join if they need to be invited?

Love Jennifer XX
I have no idea Jennifer.
I was thinking about that as well?????????????
Love Dianna xxx
jen i think the invite was to all us fans just to check it out before every one else i think if im right .and i am sure if you type in michael bolton this site will come up somewhere on the pages i am sure once the old site closes there will be a direct link to this one ?

Hi everyone thanks for thinking of me!
Now as you know, I will take a little longer to figure all this out.
But everything looks really nice. Hope everyone else finds us.
His Girlfriend for Life!
Naturegirl (Rita) are you on here?
Love Dianna xxx


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