Well as you have seen posted in other threads, Michael is recording and working on his next CD.  I found this yesterday and thought you would enjoy.  Any findings or info you find on the new CD...please post it here..thanks!


http://www.countryweekly.com/rascal_flatts_and_michael_bolton/news/... - The story below...click on the link for a picture:


New Country Mashup: Rascal Flatts?

published: March 1, 2011   |   author: Brad Schmitt


You know the Rascal Flatts boys have been collaborating with Justin Beiber.

Now it seems the mega-country group is going with, uh, the opposite demographic.

Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts put up a picture of his group with Michael Bolton.

Jay tweets that they’re all writing a new song for Michael’s new album.

Won’t Justin be jealous?

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My copy of GEMS  from Asia came today. Love the additional songs on this version. Well worth getting!!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

Congrats Robin Md and Gail :)  Enjoy!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I got my Japanese copy of Gems today and it is brilliant.....love the additional songs from Coco Lee and Agnes Monica and also the extra live version of How Can We Be Lovers and the only thing I wish is that it had stated where that live recording was taken from but, nevertheless, I am enjoying it all and I love the little Japanese booklet especially where it says for the last title track; How "Van" We Be Lovers...Michael will need to change the words to that !!! lol.

Capt. Sylvia Sparrow.  Your wee Scottish friendly pirate.

I enjoy mine too Sylvia. Glad you received yours. I don't care where HCWBL live is recorded, I just enjoy hearing it!!! LOL
The two additional tracks are worth having too, you are right!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

I need to get on the ball here and order mine!!! Glad you both are enjoying the cd. And thanks for the review!!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob



Not sure if this is the thread...and not sure if you have seen this before... but just in case


Exclusive interview Dengan Michael Bolton & Agnes Monica:


Part 1: http://www.cumicumi.com/videos/2011/11/03/21084/3/uncut-part-1-excl...

Part 2: http://www.cumicumi.com/videos/2011/11/03/21086/3/uncut-part-2-excl...

Thanks Pilar for those two links....absolutely wonderful to see them both together but especially to hear all the laughter and see all the smiles !! :)  Thanks so much Pilar - thanks !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hey Pilar, This is great stuff!! MB is so funny and you can tell they love working together.. THANKS!!!!!

Robin in MD :)

Thanks for the links, Pilar! Great interview and nice to see them having so much fun!


Anna (in MO)

Thanks Pilar!!! Quite delightful as the uncut version!!! Loved it and thanks for sharing. Ladies...isn't he simply adorable? I think he had Agnes tongue tied for she didn't say much but giggle. I know the feeling...lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

YES I agree Kathy..LOVED seeing these vid!!! He's a jokester..LOL
Robin in MD :)


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