Well as you have seen posted in other threads, Michael is recording and working on his next CD.  I found this yesterday and thought you would enjoy.  Any findings or info you find on the new CD...please post it here..thanks!


http://www.countryweekly.com/rascal_flatts_and_michael_bolton/news/... - The story below...click on the link for a picture:


New Country Mashup: Rascal Flatts?

published: March 1, 2011   |   author: Brad Schmitt


You know the Rascal Flatts boys have been collaborating with Justin Beiber.

Now it seems the mega-country group is going with, uh, the opposite demographic.

Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts put up a picture of his group with Michael Bolton.

Jay tweets that they’re all writing a new song for Michael’s new album.

Won’t Justin be jealous?

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Hi, Pilar

Thank you so much !! for all the links and also for

Michael's news, in a word excellent as always .......

and Robin thanks too, great review !  I love all

Take care



German version of GEMS  Found this today.  If you are still looking the German release of GEMS was 11/4/2011 and you can order from this site as well. Gail

Gail, are you saying that we can buy the German release from this site right here? And what about the other versions? And are they all available on Amazon.com? I’m asking because I’m sure hubby would like to compare prices. Thank you so much for letting us know! Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks Gail for keeping our supply running smoothly!!!! lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hi Everyone,

I bought my German version of Gems today, called "Duette". Since I know that some of you love details I try my best to describe the differences.  

So : To whom it may interest …. LOL

As known before, the CD contains 4 songs feat. Helene Fischer.

  1. “HAISTLWY”  has been put between “Love Is Everything” and “Fields of Gold”.
  2. “The Prayer” has kept its place, but now sung by HF/MB
  3. “Make You Feel My Love” as known before
  4. “Vivo Per Lei” has been added after Steel bars

So we have a total of 14 songs and therefore the booklet is slightly different too. The paper is glossy instead of matte which makes the colors more powerful and the paintings a little bit clearer.

The front page (same painting) reads: Michael Bolton/Duette while the Gems booklet only shows MB and the paintings. The lyrics of “HAISTLWY” have been added to the first double page on the right side, so that the Rascal Flatts' painting has been reduced and put to the center. The 5th double page (showing Lara Fabian) has been removed and the 6th page turned the sides: now HF on the left side, but with the “The Prayer”- lyrics and Chris Botti/”You are so beautiful” on the right side.

On the next double page the lyrics of “Make you feel my Love” were put on the left while “Hallelujah” appears on the right. The (larger) painting of the choir has been put more to the center. Then follows Orianthi/ “Steel Bars” on the next left side and the lyrics of “Vivo Per Lei” on the right.

“Credits” and “Special Thanks” as on Gems.  The last double page also offers the information given on the 1st page of the 3-part cover: MB as Executive Producer, Christina Kline as A&R, Brian Porizek for Art Direction and Design and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadena for the Painting “Spring”.

On the bottom the MB Charities are mentioned too.

The closing page reads the dedication which has been put on the 3rd “page” of the Gems cover.


My laughter of the day at last:

I finally read the “Special Thanks”- list and couldn’t help laughing reading MB’s laudation for his mother: “ … thanks for the great DNA” ROFL

Good night from Germany (00.54 am)


Hey Astrid, thanks for the description and transcription: I won't need to ask anyone of my family to do it! Mine is in the mail! I can't wait to hear the full HAISTLWY since, judging from the sample on Amazon.de, Michael re-recorded that one! Take care and thanks again Astrid. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Good morning Sylvie (01.53 am LOL),

yes, he re-recorded HAISTLWY! He lowered the key and also the tempo. But I love it .... LOL - - -

I hope to meet Morpheus soon - after having an unhappy "date" with my dentist sleep avoids me, yet I will try now.-(((.

Hugs from


Thanks Astrid for such a wonderful description and I must say too I laughed when I read his dedication to his mother about his DNA !! :)

Hope all goes well at the dentist.....is this visit due to all those beautiful sweet dishes and pastries you had in Italy ???????? LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi again Astrid, hope your date with Morpheus was more successful than the one with your dentist... ;D Thanks for the description of the new HAISTLWY, it sounds delicious! Take good care of yourself sweetie and talk to you soon. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie,

my date with Morpheus was marred by the one with the dentist :(((, but I am looking forward to read your review on the songs with HF. I am holding back until you receive your copy...

Good night (finally, hopefully LOL) from Germany


Hey Astrid, I actually want to thank you for that. The Amazon.de message estimated I should get it by November 22 so I'll keep you posted, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Here is an interview with A R Rahman with a couple mentions of MB:



What do you gain when you collaborate with artists like Michael
or rope in musicians like Orianthi Panagaris to play for 'Sadda
Bolton was an icon in the 1980s and '90s, the king of soft
melodies. I was curious to meet him and he is a very nice person. You gain
knowledge and wisdom from meeting others. I don't do it just to attach another
artist's name to mine. I think about what I could gain from the association. In
this case, Bolton was also interested in learning about me. I gained his fan
base that could access my work. Also, it was a pleasure to listen to him singing
'Sajna' (for Bolton's studio album 'Gems: The Duet Collection').


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