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New Update from the Road:

Walked on stage to an extremely warm reception and seemed the audience
was getting louder throughout the entire show. Looking forward to returning to the big beautiful country.
Now to the dessert.

Bye for now,


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I've been asked to meet Andy Samberg and his crew! Not sure what I'm walking into but I can assure you my pants are staying on! Have you all seen their skits??? A lot of then are really really funny !!

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MB + Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan

PHOTO ARCHIVE! MB and Jeffrey pose for a photo at one of the MBC events.

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New Update

Hi everybody,

I'm back in the states. In Los Angeles to record the finishing touches for my Christmas cd coming out late Oct. This one song is one of my all time favorites written by David Foster and I call it a complete masterpiece. Wish I could tell you MORE about it but it's sung half in Italian and the rest in English. Just returning from Italy, I felt a bit more inspired to go in and deliver this vocal.…

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Photos from Romania:

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Update from Milan

Though it's too dark to tell it's me in front of one of my dream

buildings in Milan, Italy, it's the legendary Teatro alla Scala (La

Scala) where I would love to perform one day with an orchestra

comprised of Italian musicians. This is one of my dreams yet to be

fulfilled. I know the pic of me is dark but I just had to take the

snapshot while walking by. I'm in Milan on my way to shows…

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Update from the Road

Hi everyone,

Phenominal show in Lincoln Rhode Island Friday night. Big thanks to all the fans who we're really excited and l o u d!!!!! Which my band and i l o v e!!

I'm just lifting off for London to do a great tv show on Monday called "Loose Women" which is very much like our American "The View" very funny savvy women who cover current social topics. And they're lovely though I usually, can hardly get a word in edgewise, that just reminds me of being at the kitchen table with my… Continue

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Checking In

I'm playing golf in Lake Tahoe in the American Century Championship Pro Am and its gorgeous in this part of the world! I'm playing decently but it's a good thing I don't have to make a living playing this game!!!! Mb

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Update from the Road

7/7/10 finally home for .... 6 whole days!! Yay!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!

Just returned home to see my family and friends and there's no place like home. I had a week of work after pretty grueling world tour schedule. Just one show in Prague and then 3 days in London and Glasgow, Scotland. The Scotland show was a great on a new TV show called "Tonight's the Night" where I performed with a lovely woman named Carol MacIntre. A woman who 20 years ago was in The Academy of Dance and… Continue

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Submit Your Questions for Michael

Now's your chance to submit your questions for Michael in the comments section below - we'll be selecting a few of your questions to have Michael answer while on the road.

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New Update from the Road (pt I and II)

Pt. I

Hi everyone!!

The las vegas performance for kost fm, their contest winners and guests at Caesars palace was completely incredible!! Performing outside in what was meant to be an intimate setting became so powerful and surreal.

The architecture of Caesars palace itself to the surrounding tall buildings under a beautiful Nevada sky made the evening feel huge for me. We had a lively audience. People from all over the country were there, as well as some fans from Sydney,… Continue

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New Michael Bolton Giveaway

You all seemed to enjoy the last contest so much, we thought, why not give someone else a chance to win a piece of signed Michael Bolton memorabilia? This time we're giving away a 3x3 signed Michael Bolton poster. Like the last contest, this one will run about two weeks, ending July 9th.

To enter, simply post your favorite single off Michael's latest album in the forum here: …


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The MBC Celebrity Golf Classic

In September 2010, The MBC adds a new chapter to its history by taking their annual golf event to Ojai, California. Bolton has teamed up with Kenny G to perform and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason (of Traffic fame) and to host The Inaugural Michael Bolton and Dave Mason Benefit Concert and Celebrity Golf Classic. For more information on The MBC and the September event, please visit www.michaelboltoncharities.com.

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Win A Signed Copy of "One World One Love"

We're running a contest for all MichaelBolton.com members! Entering is easy! Just make sure your profile has a user photo of your pretty self and either start a forum topic or respond to another memeber's forum topic - that's it! Winner will be selected at random next Friday, June 25th and messaged through the site to claim their prize.

Simple as 1,2,3, so who wants that signed CD?


Congratulations to our winner, Debra!

Stay tuned for more contests and… Continue

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Update From the Road # 3

Ok hi everybody. Singapore, Jakarta, Australia, Tokyo to China was a lot of travel. I just think I'm still 21. I have to share about China. A very exciting and powerful promising time for their country. The huge economic growth has lifted millions if not hundreds of millions out of poverty. The cities are very modernized and some aspects absolutely futuristic. 3 shows and we were warmly welcomed and finished in Beijing to an amazingly warm receptive sold out venue and no one wanted to end the… Continue

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Update From the Road #2:

what a gratifying concert in tokyo!!!! At first the audience can strike you as so reserved you aren't certain they're enjoying the songs until they continue their applause and its obvious they are listening closely and feeling the music deeply. They loved the new music but "nessun dorma" stole the show. I dedicate it to the greatest tenor of all time luciano pavarotti every night since he has passed away and it always takes me to the place and time I first performed with the great one. The… Continue

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Update From The Road

This entire tour has been such a pleasure from Singapore to Jakarta to all of Australia which has been a particularly emotional experience for me because it had been 16 years since I've toured here and I love the country and the people who are some of the warmest, friendliest and most genuine people I will ever meet or perform for. The warmth and outpouring has been tremendous and I've vowed never to let anyone or anything keep me away for long ever again. -… Continue

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Romancing With Michael Bolton

Follow this link to check out a Michael Bolton concert review from The Jakarta Post:

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Michael Bolton's interview with Fifi Box

Yesterday Michael sat down with Fifi Box from Sunrise Entertainment/Yahoo backstage at his show in Perth, Australia. Follow the link below to watch the video:


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