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Let Us Not Passover Souls on Easter


Will we each help a Soul get to Heaven with us?

I am a non Denominational Christian, who knows those on God 's team are descent & Caring!



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Happy Snoopy Easter With Pink Lemonade!

Happy Easter, thoughts of Snoopy! Jesus becons not to condemn, he says, but to save. People can do good without condemnation! The indescent-- condemn!


Happy Easter, thoughts of you reading, Michael, ofcourse,  and Jesus, well, ofcourse, lol!…


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Spirited Dona Blogs- When Whitney Houston Was a Happy, Dancing, Girl!


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Spirited Dona Tributes Etta James/Jamesetta-- Long Journey, Baby girl-- Short Life!

 She was feisty in an interesting way! Her real name was Jamesetta Hawkins! Born on a Jan 25th, I hate to see her miss her b-day, so closely!Same happened to my Daddy, those years, ago!…


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Spirited Dona-- "Martin Luther King-- I Still Hear You!"

   First, we have to "Get" the American Dream back! The full text of "I have a Dream", shows a forgiveness and fairness, that America never achieved, BUT, the thought that MLK wanted "good will" to abound in America and for all to be judged by their Works, good personalty traits, and Descency, above all, makes me feel good and restores some faith in my fellow man and fellow woman! We never achieved a presidency or vice presidency, where either man or woman of slave…


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Happy retro New year 's Day!

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An Irish auld lang syne

Dreams & Prayers For All!

Hold fast to Em and exchange…


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Holday Send Up of 80's Vids! Too Much Fun!

M. C. Hammer is a Preacher Man!

M. C. Grammer is preachy!

I tried to be that Angel girl

in the Video, this…


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Ave Maria by Mario Lanza for Michael Bolton!

Mario was Pavorotti's Idol!…


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Silent Night-- I Wished Upon The Lil Dipper

( In my Sub Division It WAS a Silent Night!)I was out with the cats, when I spied the Lil' Dipper in the Sky, and I was so grateful to see it on Christmas Eve. I made a wish for myself and my beautiful senior citizen Mom! This was our freightening year! Mom is totally dependent on me, and there is no one to stay with Mom. The goverment organisation refused my requests for medical emergency and threatened to take custidy of her from me. Dear God! due to chemicals not…


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SpiritedDona-- Thanksgiving With Lennon and John

 Thankful for…


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Spirited Dona-- iIving Berlin-- Refound 11-11-11!

      Such Emotion and passion! Like no other versions! God Bless Irving…


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Spirited Dona's-- Vets 11-11-11 Prayer!

Dear Lord, Each soldier went from infancy to infrantry or entry! Help us hear the stories of the passed, and pass them on! Lord, it is Special, today, Vet 's Day, 11-11-11, Friday to boot! Help the WW2 vets and women who served at home find strength and Help! Help the Vets who are Homeless, as if they had never been through infancy or infantry! Help the Vets, injured yet…


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Spirited Dona Hearts Lee-Hanson family, Lost 911 in Plane, Destination: DisneyLand!


  (The most Enchanting Version of this Song!) They were in Love and accomplished people, with one Memorial service, being held in Michael 's homestate of Connecticut,…

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Spirited Dona-- a Love Salute To Sirius, (And Lim), the Only Dog Killed in 911, Sirius Badge 17!

Of all the hardship, realizing your working buddy, best buddy was not coming out of the Tower, is yet a different pang! His Port… Continue

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People with Hurricane troubles will Need Help a Long While!


 When Rock WAS Rock!  People with disabilities suffer with no elecrtic nad those who love em! clean up is hard, even for the well! American Neighbors, help each other! It 's time! I Missed Storms-- older Mom & I still in dangers of heat! Pray us…

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Spirited Dona-- Seniors and Troops-- livin' On a Prayer

for two weeks, i had something other than my mom being in bed, her life ruined and threatened by arthritis, "Would this lovely, lady who made jeep batteries during WW2 receive our income, "Her" social security check, as i have nothing to give her, i take care of her and work on my health, each day and would the troops get pay??? Guys & gals, whom have Loved ones at Home HAVE to have their paycheck! I…


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Spirted Dona Blogs-- Michael, Happy 4th! You Have Always Been the Fireworks in Our Lives! Bright and Exciting!

 Stomed as i started to blog,twice! i live in the fireworks capital of the world, seriously! You Determinate from this moment on, what You want to REALLY do! remember when summer was about stuff like lemonade, rock, and jumping up and down? Have Lemonade & music on me, Michael and everyone! It cleared and two neighbors had competing Fireworks against the Sky! I loved it! Sparklers and Stars! For ONE shining Moment, the sliver of a gold moon, peaked out from the clouds,… Continue

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Spirited Dona Blogs-- I Think of This song With my Fireworks each Year and those in the American Revolution, Past soldiers, and Dear Lord the Men and Women Who serve Now!


 They don 't teach in school, that, many successful Americans lost the American Dream, so others could have it! They lost homes, lives of family members-- destroyed their own homes, so they couldn 't be used against Our Freedom! The Vietnam Vet, the soldiers caught in our civil war, my father, a scared sailor in WW2, the war fought before that, the Korean conflict is still there! This year our service…

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