Today was my first concert with Michael Bolton.
It was very awesome to see this singer live! At least I was able to shake hands with him while he was singing "when a man loves a women". He wanted to go away to the middle of the stage after shaking hands with some women, hich were waiting in front of the stage. But I wanted so bad to see him right in front of me and strechted my fingers. When he recognizes me he cameback to me.
And when he smiled and looked at me with his blue eyes I totally fell for him.
My mum told me that he looks kind of suprised at me, maybe because I am younger than other fans (still 20).
For me The music seems to stop and everything I could hear was my heartbeat..
Badly I dind't get a picture of this lucky situation.
But if he will come again I will go to watch his performance again!

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