For Amelia Rose-- Spirited Dona Blogs "Away In a Manager" / Miranda Cosgrove! Miranda, a Beautiful Spirit!

 I was going to put Something Up Nice for Amelia Rose, when, thank God, I Found this perfect rendition! When I saw Miranda sing this song, I sang as a child, my eyes welled up! So simple, so complex a sentiment! "Stay by me, forever! Bless All the Dear Children in Thy tender Care and Take Us To Heaven To Live With Thee, There!"  We are All Just God 's children, at the end of each day, through eternity! The Things of the Merriest Christmas Eves & Merriest Christmases are Things to think about ALL year! I Promise I Will! I Hope All Will join Me!  It is my feverent Hope Amelia Hears this Song performed by Miranda, someday! God Bless Us All, thanks to a Song For Amelia Rose! And Miranda Cosgrove! 

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