Dear Michael,

you´re singing now since 1975 and at this time I wasn´t born. I was born in 1982, but since over 1992 I am a fan of your fantastic music, your voice.

I collect many album about you. On my birthday this year I got 2 tickets for a concert with you! :-)  I was really happy that my boyfriend remembered my big wish to see you live in concert. So I visited your concert in Rostock on April 25th 2014. I was happy to see you and the concer including the band before you started was great. Thank you very very much for this great evening and the songs that you sang, especially "the Prayer" and "Nessun Dorma" both are favourite songs for me. I bought me after the concert your biography and start to read it today. I know you started the tour in Berlin, but I read that some people were not amazed about your concert there. That happens I think and no one is always the best and can give 100 % or more. That´s the life. For me you´re one of the greatest actors in singing and I am a fan and will it be further - I promise. Have a great time in Germany and good luck for the tournee which will finish on July 26th 2014. Take care and get well soon. Bye your fan Bianca from Hamburg

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