Hi there I'm Markham, I am married and have  a 6 year old daughter named Laurieann.. I live in Derby..  I don't work at the moment... due to health reasons.. Well I just hope I get better for next weeks concert as have an chest infection.. first time I listened to Michael's music was back in the 80's (self titled album, EC and The Hunger).. the power of his voice wow... I was listened to The Hunger Yesterday.... I guess you might have noticed "the ryth" in "youre all that I need".... if you don't well the basic ryth is "Don't stop Belivein", and as jonathan cain was on board.. .. great great album The Hunger.... Even Everybody's Crazy is great.... That record raised the barr for AOR in the eighties... and people I have worked with  (old colleagues) have said even now... that the aor scene was started by Michael Bolton. anyway... I last saw michael bolton on the time love and tenderness tour... great concert tour... still kept up with his music... thats the other thing about me... I am a huge Meat Loaf fan since 1981... anyway I will finish this introduction to myself and probably bump into some of the fans in Nottingham.... Markham

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Comment by sylvie boisvert on April 1, 2016 at 4:20pm

Hi again Markham, you know it’s funny there isn’t a group for fans who enjoy Michael’s 80’s rock on this site. I love Michael’s “Everybody’s crazy” album and when I first herd it, I could not believe it hadn’t been the breakout hit it was meant to be. I once read on the CD Universe site that they described it as “criminally ignored”.  You know, there’s a thread on here you might appreciate:


It’s my friend Jeremy’s thread and it’s full of delicious info, articles etc on Michael’s early career: it’s one of my favorite threads on here. BTW, have you read Michael’s autobiography? It’s wonderful and I just love the audio version he reads himself.  Well lucky you having been able to attend a concert in ’91! I’d been a fan since I discovered “When I’m back on my feet again” in the Top 40 countdown, but for various reasons,  my first concert was in ’98 and I’ve attended 8 concerts so far, most of which I’ve had to travel for. That’s it for now Markham, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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