More Photos from The Michael Bolton Charity Events

Thank you for "making do" with our amateur pictures yesterday from the Ojai benefit. We are so excited to now have these professional AP Images . Click here to see pictures of our celebrity golfers at play: MB, Clint Eastwood, Nick Jonas, Richard Kind, Bruce McGill, John O'Hurley, Malcolm McDowell, Matt McKoy and Kermit Alexander! Thank you all for joining forces to raise money for us!


AP Photos

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Comment by Spirited Dona on September 12, 2011 at 6:31am
All begged for pix-- now they are asleep! lol! O' Hurley was a stunning actor, hewassorta Satan lol!  on a fav ol soap "Loving", so let him enjoy some charity golf, I say! 9 11 and more remembrances of Only Dog killed & Only two year old-- Klenex With Hope on my blog posts, Michael!  
"Spirited Dona-- a Love Salute To Sirius, (And Lim), the Only Dog Kiled 911" on Michael Bolton: 
 "Spirited Dona Hearts Lee-Hanson family, Lost 911 in Plane, DisneyLand Bound" on Michael Bolton:

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