My 20th Blog, Here, is the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon Proving His Song--"Shine On" Video Below! Also Known as Instant karma

This is the sexiest picture, I ever found of John ,at the start of thispost! I hope he sees my silly irony from Heaven! John liked being smart, deep! I had! to put up the sexiest picture! My aunt said if a man wasn 't good to the eyes, pass on! lol! The Beatles were a lot to people, like myself and Michael Bolton, who loved music and joy!

John fit in perfectly with the New York crowd, flip and smart! It is with deepest regret, that, on his last day in America, he was tender with the man we later found had shot him! Stopping for a warm chat, with a "relaxed Grace autograph", we had seldom seen with John! A sign from God to his killer, to view John with compassion!

I was listening to the biggest watt radio, WLS, Chicago, on my side of the U S. Small stations due to the Commuinst conflict had to close at sunset! We heard and alarmed-- it was bad! We didn 't mean to intrude on his family 's grief, but, John was more popular, in the early sixties, than any native son! After World War Two,and Korea, the Beatles with John 's Determination, made music, joyful, fun, and romantic! There was a Depression Lift Worldwide, Coming from those Men, their songs, and performances! I will try to shine on here, John, and beyond! Thank you for the song, John! God bless and Thank you, John!

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