Oh, Flo or Oh No? Spirited Dona-- Enquires' Her!

Going with, Oh, Flo! voted off on her theme song night! America! is officially going down, when Florence Henderson is voted off dancing her Lil heart out to "The Brady Bunch Theme Song"! I said, "Dear God, it would be awful, if she has to go home with the dance to her! theme!" She does! I felt horrid, as I had vowed to keep the people i often blog on, first, Micheal & Bristol, so I was trying to save Bristol from the gorilla suit tutu fiasco! Brady fans would not let her down. Frustration! I gave her two votes, the week before! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Can you not vote? LoL! Had the Brady kids voted, we could have saved her this sad moment! :( :(

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