Sad Over Florence 's DWTS Swan Song Being For Robert Reed And Aids! Great She Got To Do It!

Even sadder, Florence Henderson had dedicated her swan song to Tv hubby, and theatre actor, who had father figure thrust upon him by his Tv kids and kids worldwide! Robert Reed passsed from HIV turned to aids! In a simple way, the immune system is destroyed!

Any immune system research will help cancers, auto immune dieases, and even things like a bout of Micheal 's former laryngitis! Here are two good sites! Elton John 's Aids Fundation & the passed, beautiful, Elizabeth Glaser Foundation!

My empathy is high for people with low immune systems, since last year my low blood sugar, grief over murdered pets, and being the only one responsible for myself & 87 year old mom, took my immune system down to hospitalization! The hospital did not know why my immune system was low, but, I told them what I told you! My muscles, just today, around my vocal chords felt more relaxed! I owe God! but i am still easily run down! Don 't sign me up for a River dance, just, yet! LoL! I always exercised! No fairness, here!
As more people find themselves with children and grandchildren fighting for regular Cd4 cell reproduction, empathy will come easily! I don 't know how people stay physically & spiritually on their feet, fighting any immune diease, hiv or even an auto immune diease but, I salute em!

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