Silent Night-- I Wished Upon The Lil Dipper

( In my Sub Division It WAS a Silent Night!)I was out with the cats, when I spied the Lil' Dipper in the Sky, and I was so grateful to see it on Christmas Eve. I made a wish for myself and my beautiful senior citizen Mom! This was our freightening year! Mom is totally dependent on me, and there is no one to stay with Mom. The goverment organisation refused my requests for medical emergency and threatened to take custidy of her from me. Dear God! due to chemicals not balancing, I have had two TIA strokes. They usually lead to serious damage and I don 't feel right, alas, again! I have no one to stay with her when I should have been at stroke center in Chattanooga at Erlanger being tested. Mom goes hysterical to not let me go to ER. All reading pray mightily-- My doctor increased a med and I, sadly, asked for progesterone, but no tests, and my head just feels all wrong and eyes in circulation. NO ER- This is so illlogical,I can 't go to stroke center, but, so real! 

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