Spirited Dona-- a Love Salute To Sirius, (And Lim), the Only Dog Killed in 911, Sirius Badge 17!

Of all the hardship, realizing your working buddy, best buddy was not coming out of the Tower, is yet a different pang! His Port authority owner, Lim, worked at the South tower, and was trying to save wounded, thinking his buddy was better in his crate, fireman retrieved Sirius' body on the bottom sixth floor. His Bowl is at a 911 exhibit! Only dog directly killed by 911! Dogs work worldwide to keep us safe! Named after the Dog Star-- Sirius-- Just Like the satellite Radio, who Bring you michael Bolton Songs,Sirius  Remains a Star of New York, America, and the World! Love you our Dog Friend, Forever!

American humane rescued animals all over Katrina diaster and held a salute, today, to animals in Jersey city of 911! Be excessively patient and kind to animals!

I BEG of You-- take Pet Food to food Banks! God Bless You!

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Comment by Spirited Dona on September 12, 2011 at 7:21am
Pass this on for inspiration and pet food to food banks! My appreciation!

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