Spirited Dona Hearts Lee-Hanson family, Lost 911 in Plane, Destination: DisneyLand!

 (The most Enchanting Version of this Song!) They were in Love and accomplished people, with one Memorial service, being held in Michael 's homestate of Connecticut, Easton church! Their beautous Daughter, Christine, the youngest, 911 Victim! I like to think that Our ol friend, Walt Disney met them At the gate of the Realest' happiest Place on Earth, Heaven! Kim had found her Prince & Peter his Princess! How hi jackers could kill kids, Mercifully we don 't know! Peter called his parents warning them, they were to crash... but in each others' arms, rest assured! Christine should have gotten to go to junior high & get a chance to meet a Prince, or see Disneyland! They are with the Prince of Princes, now! Never forgetting you, American friends!

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