Spirited Dona-- Seniors and Troops-- livin' On a Prayer

for two weeks, i had something other than my mom being in bed, her life ruined and threatened by arthritis, "Would this lovely, lady who made jeep batteries during WW2 receive our income, "Her" social security check, as i have nothing to give her, i take care of her and work on my health, each day and would the troops get pay??? Guys & gals, whom have Loved ones at Home HAVE to have their paycheck! I Budget like Crazy, but, the minite i heard the debt ceiling might not be raised, i have been as charlie sheen might say, who knows, "a Budget assassin!" lol! the side i took was for social security checks and troops' pay! i took My side! the animoisity of three major parties equals the terror of the lack of compromise of the 1960 's! This is not good!


all, i know, as i watch c_Span, "no one" mentions our destitue seniors and troops! i was sick to my stomach for three days worrying about the social security check not coming and how freightened Mom would be! all, i learned is that politicians have food, insurance, and electricity, come what may and that each side forgot my Mom, who helped us win WW2! With Our Health and Hope for the Social Security check-- We were Truly, this month-- "LIvin' On A Prayer!"

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