well been to the doctors about chest infection... just keep on taking the tablets she gave.. I suffer from depression and doc changed me Mirtanzapine and on the higher dose, but I keep having bad indigestion when asleep and vomit.. its something to do with the tablets.. so had to go and get some anti gastro tablets...came back from the doctors and me and laurieann (my daughter) made some cupcakes as Mandy my wife had to go to work... then dropped laurieann off  at grandma and grandads (she goes every wednesday. Well a week to go.. cant wait...  just listening to michael at the moment... I got a cd I havent heard for years I might put on when he supported Bob Seger in 1983 the radio broadacst, only four tracks but it's got one track called Stay, I believe he sang it with Blackjack, I'll have to see what I've got in my collection.. I used to have loads of vinyl but I guess when cd came out I sold nearly half my collection... I started again though as usb turntable players, My wife got it me for christmas... really good... so now I start over again, but I hate to say it the reissuing of vinyl is really not for me, twice I had to take back lp to HMV because the warpness of the records... (The Waterboys - fishermans blues and the eagles - hotel california), I have since discovered it is the way they press the vinyl today at the pressing plant, they dont let them cool down before packaging, and shrink wrapping them does not help because if they are in a warm record store, gonna warp more as sealed. anyway old viny  a must.. I was bought up on soul, motown when I was a kid... as got older my music tastes vary... todays music is ok, but most of it is just a noise that I cant hear what they are saying or it's cultivated remakes that new artists put out because they cant write their own material.. I'm babbling on.... hope to see some of you next week anyway. .

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Comment by sylvie boisvert on April 1, 2016 at 3:57pm

Hi Markham, I just came across your blog and thought I’d reply. Well first, I’m sorry to hear about your health problems and hope your chest infection clears up quickly. I’m sure you’ll be motivated to get better in time for your concert! :D  Now if you’re into classic rock,  you should definitely get the 2 Blackjack albums and “Stay” is track 3 on “Worlds apart”. You can still find the vinyls on Ebay, although there is a Blackjack CD with both albums on it on Amazon.  I’m with you on the vinyl, but I never got rid of my turntable nor my collection. Thanks for the tip about new vinyl. My son is building himself a collection so I’ll tell him to be careful.  As for music, there is good and bad in new and old music though I understand what you’re saying about new music. Nowadays, I enjoy a song here and there, but it’s harder to come buy an artist/band I feel is worthy of my entertainment dollar. If you’re interested in sharing about music, we have a couple of threads on here like “What song are you listening to right now”:


...or “Favorite songs by other singers”:


I must say though, so far, there hasn’t been much traffic on those threads, so I decided to start my own blogs. My first is called “Too much music, too little time!”:


...which is about music in general, but I have one for classical also, called “My not-so-secret passion”:


Music is like oxygen to me. :D  All right, I hope that’s enough for you to check out right now. Take care Markham. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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