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At 1:22am on March 5, 2018, Aleksandra Opalka said…

Thank You Sally.

At 4:52pm on February 27, 2018, Susan Triunfo said…

At 6:13pm on February 26, 2018, Sally Turner said…
Susan, you can add a photo and location if you would like.
At 6:06pm on February 26, 2018, Susan Triunfo said…

Just wanted to send tons of great Birthday Wishes to Michael.  I, too, have the milestone birthday in October and I will celebrating it in the best way possible - seeing you at the

Bridgewater Hall in Manchester,UK.  I'll be travelling 270 from the Isle of Wight to my sister's in Greater Manchester, so that we can see you together.  I've 
NEVER missed you on any of your UK tours since 1991 and have even seen you in Ft. Myers, Florida!  I'm due my 6th reconstruction on my left foot in October (currently recovering from the 5th) but have postponed it until after I've seen you!  Have a super duper Birthday. Love ya, Michael.

From Sue Triunfo, and my sister, Carole. XXXXXXXXXXXX

At 9:21am on February 26, 2018, Astrid Kretschmann said…

Hi Sally, thanks for trying to get me in, but I hardly have private internet access due to tough times. I wish you a great MB-Birthday with lots of fun and great music. And I just love your Hercules-avatar :-).

Greetings from Germany,


At 3:21am on January 31, 2018, Jim Devers said…

Sally, thanks for putting together a birthday display for Michael.  I thank God for the richness, depth and soulful voice; I thank Michael for sharing it.  I was a Marine for over 21 yrs with 3 combat tours.  Throughout my life, Michael's music has lifted my spirit and searched my soul--"Back on Your Feet Again", "When a Man Loves a Woman", "Go the Distance", and so many more.

At 4:52am on January 26, 2018, Dawn Deerwester said…

Hi Sally. I'm trying to get this. Having hard time

At 2:41am on January 20, 2018, Beverly L. Jenkins said…

Hi Sally, I didn't realize that a picture was to accompany the card, and I don't have any pictures, except digital ones on my FB page, so I probably won't participate.  Its not for lack of interest and I totally support your project.  I'm sorry for just now getting back to you.  It looks like the fan club members are supporting you, so it should be a good show. 


Beverly Jenkins

At 12:39am on January 8, 2018, Beverly L. Jenkins said…

Hi Sally, that sounds fine to me.  I knew his B'day was next month, and wondered if we could do anything to celebrate it with him.  

Thank you for pulling this together.

Beverly J, Nashville

At 8:31am on January 3, 2018, Damiana Bernardo de Oiliceira Ne said…
Hi Sally, Thanks to send us ! SobI Will do This In This week! O live In Brasil! I want to go In The concert In Rio de Janeiro! This is só grat’s! See You
Damiana from Brasil
At 2:27am on December 30, 2017, Annmarie Ward said…

Email sent! Great idea!! Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy new year!

At 4:32pm on December 26, 2017, Silvy said…

Hi Sally, thank you for your email/message regarding MB's birthday card. I'll write to you an email. 

Silvy from CH 

At 3:24am on December 26, 2017, Amie Angeli said…

Thank you, Sally! Yes, I do have a story to tell Michael. Unfortunately, I'm in Cambodia at the moment, & returning to Westport, CT the end of January. (I live up the street from Michael! and never met him - we're cars passing each other on the street from time to time). Anyway, I'm going to email you! Thanks & regards, Amie Angeli

At 5:16am on December 16, 2017, Lisa Dee Henrich said…

Thank you so much, Sally, I think he's such a sweet guy!

At 1:33pm on August 27, 2014, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Sally, I just wanted to say thanks for accepting my friend request. Take care and have a great day! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

At 2:22am on August 27, 2014, sylvie boisvert said…

Hi Sally, I read your comment on the “Misc” thread about starting a thread about people covering Michael’s songs. Of course, there are a ton on YouTube, some from better known singers and some by lesser known people, but since the one you’ve posted, Clement “When I’m back on my feet again”

MTN Project Fame: from a talent show, I’ve gathered up a few that I remembered had been posted on the forum, on various threads and here they are:

Joshua Alderfer “Go the distance”

Joshua Alderfer “Go the distance:

Jennifer Nettles and J Rome Sing ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You’


Romain Virgo “Soul provider”

I had thought of starting one some time ago, but not sure how people would be interested. BTW, those links were posted in various discussions, but if someone did start a thread, as Gail suggested on one of those, it would make sense to post it in “The music” section since it’s Michael’s music. In any case, thanks for suggesting it. Take care Sally. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


At 5:35am on May 29, 2014, Joy Arban said…

Sally, You need some lessons huh? Somewhere on here there is a page on how to do things, if you can find it! LOL! We are both front row, we surely can find each other. Hoping we can stand up & rock out at the stage! Will also look for Robin (MD) I have never met her in person. Are we Facebook friends? 

Joy ;)


At 4:14am on May 29, 2014, Joy Arban said…

Sally, Wanted to send you a message, didn't realize we weren't friends on this site. Anyway where are your seats at the show Friday? I am front row, right side.  Hope to meet you to say hi in person! 

Joy ;)


At 4:47am on August 24, 2013, robin rehder said…

Hi Sally, I'm still learning this forum. How are you. Can you let me know if you receive this message? I want to thank you for eerything you send on the yahoo group&everywhere. Just wanted to say hi&see if you get this message ok.

At 8:55pm on July 12, 2013, robin rehder said…


Hi Sally, Hope you're getting this. Like I was telling Brenda, I don't know how to send a message to all my MB friends @ one time, so, I'm doing this individually. How's it going girl?Hope you're well. Other than my arthritic left hand&periodical asthma problems, I'm good. I saw Michael 6/1/13&will see him 8/15 as well. I wish I could aford San Diego but going alone, it's quite costly. I've been keeping busy as usual. Take care. 

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