2010 Concert Tour Reviews-Please share your reviews with us here!

Hi everyone, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to post their concert reviews in again like we've done in the past. It's such fun hearing about all the shows and everyone's experiences and see their photos. 


Anyone attending, please post your review.  Its exciting that Michael and his band are hitting the road again and traveling the world!


I hope you all don't mind I started this thread for concert reviews.  I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences!



Robin :)


P.S.  Update-Nov, 2010-I wish them well and cannot wait to see the show again in 2011!!! MB totally rocked it at NJ PAC 11/3/2010!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!


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Ok...isn't there someone on the forum that is going to these concerts in CA, WA, etc? We want to hear from you! I know lots of people are at the events and posting on ticketmaster, etc....we want to hear from those here!! Thanks, Gail
I agree with Gail. Why send the links? Why not review here? Oh, If I were at these shows, best that I can.I'd do the
Hi Gail, I find a lot of people mentionning they've been to concerts on Michael's blogs and when I do, I leave a message on their comment wall to invite them here. :D Here's Ronald's blog: he went to the Tacoma show.
http://michaelbolton.com/profile/Ronald Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Anyone go to the show last night at Atlantis Casino Resort Spa - Reno-Sparks Convention Center? If you attend the show tonight at Santa Clarita, CA please share here with all of us afterwards! THANKS!!

I've read some of the blogs too, people may not know about this forum section of the board, I've tried to post on their walls and ask them to post her also if I see they wrote about a show on their blog.

Thanks folks!
Robin :)
Yeah, but can folks copy&past from these web sites&bring them up here since they may not be aware of this web site? Why can't life be simple? :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
I don't know how to do the wall stuff yet.
Hi Robin, I have a feeling that since this forum has grown so much since it started, most people don’t have the time or take the time to go through all the threads in one discussion: they just go for what’s easily accessible from the main page, Michael’s blogs. I read you followed my lead? :D I think next time, I should just post the actual link to this page on people’s walls, to make it easier. I think you’re doing a great job at trying to keep this thread on the main discussion page, keep it up! Take care and hope we get more reviews soon! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks Sylvie, just trying to keep it going like we did on the last forum prior to this one. We had such a good time and it's fun to read the fan reviews. I hope in time more people find us here too. Yes, the main site is where they get comfortable and their own blog pages. Good idea copying this link over to them too.

I will be seeing him next Thursday in Nashville. I will be happy to write a review. I can't wait. I have front row seats. I am so excited, it will be my first time.
Hi Millie, Welcome to the forum! Way to go with Front row seats, please post your review here. We want to hear more from the fans as the tour progresses. I've had front row too, it's the BEST!!!! You will have a wonderful time, that I can guarantee you..

Welcome and post often!
Robin :)
I agree with Robin Lillie. I've had front row but I've had balcony but you'll enjoy&awesome for your first concert getting front row.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Millie, I saw Michael in Nashville on September 14th, 1996. Enjoy the show.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA


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