HELLO EVERYONE, Since the 2011 Tour Review Thread is not playing nice and throwing us all back to the beginning lately, Gail asked if I would go ahead and start the 2012 thread. So here it is.. We can all share our excitement for Michael's upcoming touring and events in 2012 and chat and have fun here till the shows start in 2012.

Everyone is welcome to post and share their stories and pictures, videos from concerts and trips to see Michael do what he does best-SING!!!   Michael will be touring in 2012 starting so far with some shows the end of January.  There could be other events sooner too so if anyone attends a great Bolton event/concert, feel free to share your experience here.  I hope to have a review after the Chester, PA show on January 28th along with some other fans that have gotten tickets for that show and  the Atlantic City, NJ show on January 27th as well!  After that there are shows in Australia so far listed for 2012.  Following those shows we have the Concert for MBC and Traveler's Golf Event in June, 2012 and later on the MBC Gala in Sept.. We already have some exciting events to look forward to next year and I know there will be much more to come.

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum.. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as before.


Welcome everyone!!!!!


Robin in Maryland USA :)


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tee hee, it was fun, calling you and Robin Rehder both to hear songs all night.  I enjoyed it as much as you girls did.  Im just so sorry you weren't with us.  I know exactly how ill you were also, and that drive, probably would have put you under my dear.  I watched your seats for you all night in honor of your missing the show.  Take care honey, and I hope like hell, this pain to will pass, literally.  

I'm sorry to hear that Beth was ailing or is ailing. Get well soon to those who may be ailing. I love being @ Bolton events with BB'S. I've been to many a show alone though. These things happen. Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton :)

Hi Kerie, I'm sorry to hear you've been ill and couldn't attend a concert. It's a shame: you give such great reviews! :D Well I wish you a prompt recovery girl, because I assume it must have been pretty bad for you to miss a concert. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Forgot to say here publicly, feel better soon Kerie and so sorry you missed the show..Was great Karen called you so you could hear MB!!!!

Take care

Robin in MD:)

Oh! Kerie! Sorry you were too ill to go to the show. Sentaments with everyone. Get well soon. Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton :)

Hi Karen,

What a lovely time you all had and thanks for sharing your story with us. A special luncheon, too, and meeting Lington was very nice, I really like him and such a great saxophone player, too.
Thanks again, Karen.

Kathy T. :-)

He is a very special guy Kathy T., Im glad MB found ML.  Also, another tid bit about the show.  One of our ladies, Tracey Moore sat front row and center, and she made a small poster with the front cover ofPeople's Channing Tatum's pic, big X'ed out and a larger picture of Michael's Magic Mike picture next to it.  And written was, My VOTE for the sexiest man alive, with a Big Check mark.  Michael had a little fun with that poster.  

Hi ladies,my friend and I attended Glema mahr on monday,got to see Karen and Lynn,and meet some other Bolton fans.Monday started out really good,we get to our hotel in Madisonville.Comfort Inn,and guess what was sitting outside the hotel,none other than MB bus,my friend and I walk in to get our room,and sitting in the lobby was the entire band,they had spent the night there and were getting ready to leave,but not before we all stood around and talked,I tell you what,Kelly has got to be one of the nicest people Ive ever met,she talked to us like she new us all our life.ML was also in there,what a nice youg man!!!So they left and we get ready for concert,now we are really pumped up,so we get to the venue,our seats were PERFECT front row, right in the center.At 7:35 out comes the AWESOME MICHAEL!! He sounds great as always.looks fantastic,and sexy!!!!!!!He sings a few then starts to take off his jacket as always as they hand him his guitar to do sweet home chicago,and I holler TAKE IT ALL OFF,he says "its not that kind of show"we all laughed.Few songs later I held up my poster I made,that I had marked out Channing Tatum as Sexiest man alive and  wrote over Michaels picture,that he is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE,he got a kick out of that,and lost his train of thought for a secound,I later held it up again,and he laughed and said something,coudl not understand what he said,but he enjoyed it.Towards end of the show him and Kelly sung 1 Christmas song,the show was 2 hours but it felt like 5 minutes,it ended to soon.My friend and I have been to about 12 concerts this year,we were a little disapointed,after it was over,we waited at the back door with Karen and Lynn and some other ladies who had gifts for Michael,and a police man came out and said Michaels security said Michael will not leave the building untill all is clear,it was freezing out there,Sometimes its a little frustrating,that no matter how many hundreds of miles you drive or fly you can almost never get to speak or get autograph with Michael,I wish he would take a few minutes for all of us who travel so far to see him,and all his loyal fans that LOVE him.Hope he comes to the South soon.

Thanks ever so much for you review, Tracey. Loved it. Neat meeting up with the band, Michael Lington&Kelly Levesque. Now! how cool is that? Don't give up, Tracey. Where there's life, honey, there's hope. All of you. :) Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life.

What a great review Tracey and thanks a million for coming in with it and especially about that poster for I bet MB did get a kick out of it !! :)    Great too that you met the band and Kelly posted on FB about that hotel for she took a picture of a sign that was above the bed saying; "Sheets and duvet have been cleaned for your arrival" and she and everyone else found that rather funny for as was said, opposed to what, the rest of the room didn't get cleaned ???? LOL.    So glad you had a great time and sorry that you didn't get to see Michael after show but if he does that for one then all fans would expect after every show so maybe he is better to not to set a precedent and then no one can blame him for doing what he always does and then it is icing on the cake if you do get to see him.

Thanks again for your review and glad you enjoyed show !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for your great review Tracey!!! How fun to "run into" the band :) That certainly sets the mood for sure!!! I could feel your excitement...lol Dang on missing MB at the door....but...there is always a next time. Start planning for your next adventure Tracey....lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

I'm a little late replying here Tracey but so glad you had a great time!! The band members are very sweet and so down to earth..I enjoy getting to talk to them when I get a chance like that too..That's cool you got MB's attention with the sign you made! Too funny!!LOL  Sounds like it was a perfect show and as always they go too darned fast..

Thanks for coming in and posting your review!! Did you get any pictures??

Robin in MD:)


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