I wanted to start this thread for those of you who would like to post a birthday message to Michael.  Most know but for those who don't, Michael's birthday is February 26th.  I have posted info on another thread for those who want to send a physical card but for those who would like to post your message here I will send the link to Michael on his birthday so as he has time he can read all of your wishes for him.  Just to be clear, these are birthday wishes...anything vulgar, rude or out of line will be deleted. Any questions, let me know.  Gail

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Hope someone remembered to send you one of these but if not, here is my wee contribution.........

Did tweet it but in case it gets lost in the "jungle" of Twitter thought would put on here for you......Happy Birthday, AGAIN !!! lol

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I wish you a fantastic day with family and friends, doing as many things as possible that you love. Also I hope there's cake, a big yummy one with a glass of champagne to celebrate your special day. You deserve the best birthday this year, as you've given us fans a wonderful wonderful 2016/2017.
I was so pleased I finally got to meet you last year, after spending many years being in the background. It was an honour, and also for my 29 year old daughter too who i brainwashed (only kidding) whilst being raised. Also brilliant to do the VIP Concert Experience at RAH, the memories will live on of that day in our hearts and minds forever. Thank you!!:))
Tina has asked me to wish you a happy birthday from her, and we both LOVE the new album. Strange but cool when a 29 year old girl is crushing on the same artists music as her mum lol
As we get older we dread birthday's, but you have no need to worry. At 64 you act and look 15 years younger, so here's to many more musical years ahead!.
Sooo have a great one, celebrate in style and enjoy!!!!
Love Ann (U.K)
Happy Day, Michael. Wish you a joyful birthday and many, many more. Always have a song in your heart. Love

Dear Michael,
Wow what a month February has been - I have loved all the updated info, photos, youtube videos etc etc you have recently done.  Most of all, what a wonderful album you have produced - there is always one song on your CD that brings me to tears and this time, this has to be your duet with Dolly "I will always love you".  Wow so moving......
Thank you Michael for so many magical memories over the years I have enjoyed your music now for 25+ years and you still surprise me.
Myself Sharon and Andrea came to see you from UK to Las Vegas in October and we had the time of our lives.  Thanks for all you do and I wanted to wish you a truly special birthday Michael.  You are in my thoughts always.  Hope its not too long before you visit the UK again on tour.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!  
Much Love

Clare H (UK)

Wishing you a very happy birthday and the best of health.i am so glad you care about children and want to protect them that is so important to me.we need.more protectors of children.
Happy Birthday Michael!! Hope you have a day filled with joy and laughter and the year brings you love and new adventures!! Much love to you!! Love, Christian Gina Bruscato

Wishing you the best always and a year filled with all you desire! Thanks for giving us the joy of your awesome music.  Music brings people together!

Love, Lee White

Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur Michael Bolton xoxo Happy Birthday Mr Michael Bolton

plein d'amour Much Love

Ps Thanks Gail

et merci Sylvie "

Michael, I'm not sure if my other birthday wish came through out here or not. I know I got to wish you a personal birthday wish at the shows on the 10th & 11th but I still want to come out here & wish you a happy birthday & celebrate it good with many more returns. See you in Coachella.

Dear Michael

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope the coming year brings you all that you wish for. ( Health, Wealth and Happiness and so much  much more ... )

I can't believe almost a year has passed since I came to the U.K. last April to see you in concert.

It was a magical evening full of great memories that I will treasure forever. It was a dream of almost 30 Years that came true for me that day. It was an honour to meet you at the VIP Meet & Greet and I hope that I will get to do another M & G  again one day  soon.


Sending much love to you Always

From Maria Italy xxxx

Happy Birthday Michael!  Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends  Love your new cd Songs of Cinema   My favorite songs are Cupid and I Will Always Love You    Also love your Valentine Day special on Netflix  It was hilarious  Hope you will do more specials like this in the future




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