I wanted to start this thread for those of you who would like to post a birthday message to Michael.  Most know but for those who don't, Michael's birthday is February 26th.  I have posted info on another thread for those who want to send a physical card but for those who would like to post your message here I will send the link to Michael on his birthday so as he has time he can read all of your wishes for him.  Just to be clear, these are birthday wishes...anything vulgar, rude or out of line will be deleted. Any questions, let me know.  Gail

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Hi Michael, I know I got to wish you a personal Happy Birthday at the show in Costa Mesa CA on the 10th & you were teasing I was early. But, Happy Birthday to you & celebrate it good with many more returns. See you in Coachella on March 11th. :) xo

Happy birthday Michael and come back soon to Spain we miss you

Happy birthday to Dear Michael , Wishing you a happiness, good health , luck and all the best things to you on your special day and ALWAYS , With love , Thida from Thailand :)

Happy Birthday, Michael! May you never lose the sight of what's important to you in your life. I hope you will be still enjoying your life and all the little, everyday things that make life worth. I wish you a lot of health, good energy and peace in your soul. Take Care and keep on being extraordinary. Cheers.

Hi Michael!!  What an amazing few weeks this has been leading up to your birthday month and all the excitement for you!!  You have kept us all busy for a while now with PledgeMusic and the CD updates, Facebook chats,Tweets, Instagram pics, and all the media surrounding the release of Songs of Cinema and of course your Netflix Valentine's Day Special that will live on beyond Valentine's Day! LOL

As a long time fan I am loving how you keep things fresh and new, and keep taking us all along on this amazing journey with you and your music.. There is never a dull moment and I am loving every minute of it!

This past year has been another year of fun with the music and concerts and getting to see you here and there along the way. My husband Jeff getting to meet you was an amazing moment for both of us last summer. You really are so kind to the fans and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Your helping Kathy and I celebrate our Milestone #'s of shows in Hagerstown ,MD (my home state)  in December by asking us up on stage for the selfies was an honor we will never forget and both glad we didn't trip or drop the cell phone! LOL  The selfies are cute because you are in them with us.:)  The VIP Pledge Concert experience was exciting enough and you doing that was just icing on the cake for us both. What a surprise! :) The whole night was beyond what I expected and I will never forget it. :)

I hope Mother Nature cooperates as I plan to see you in NC on your birthday for the show there.  We can all celebrate your birthday at the concert and the release of Songs of Cinema too.  You are still the best and I am so proud to be a long time fan!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MICHAEL!  You get better every year, sexy G-Pa indeed!!!:)

With Love and Support Always!!

Robin Sterner in Maryland :)

Happy birthday Michael. Wishing you a wonderful day. Love your new album . See you in the UK later this year. Janet

My dearest Michael,

I want to wish you HAPPY FANTASTIC BRILLIANT BIRTHDAY!!! And many wishes for your amazing career!!!


My dear Michael, I want to wish you the most special and happiest of birthdays. I want to thank you again for making the PledgeMusic experience so enjoyable for me with your live Q&A’s. I’m still anxiously waiting for your CD in the mail, because I know I’ll love it.  Thanks for the joy you bring to my life, through your voice and music, through your spirit, through the building of friendships and community feeling you’ve inspired. Oh yeah, also thanks for breathing. :D Best of success in all your future endeavours and we’ll look forward to all upcoming surprises you have in store! Take good care of yourself Michael, God bless. With much love and warm bear hugs, to the holder of my favorite sound, sincerely, Sylvie Boisvert, Qc Canada <3

Dear Michael, I just wanted to add that I did get my new CD in the mail and loved it, though I felt it was a little short: we just want to hear more of you Michael! Have a wonderful time performing tonight and thanks always for labeling your fans as “the best”, because that’s what you deserve. Happy birthday sweetie, take good care Michael and God bless. With much love always, big warm bear hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Boisvert Qc Canada :D

P.S.: Hope to see/hear you here in Montreal very soon. :D

Happy birthday Michael.you have the same special day as my youngest grandson he will turn 4.enjoy your day.lots of love brenda
Happy Birthday Michael !! Hope you have a wonderful day and a super concert! Thank you for all you do for us fans ♡ I want to thank you again for the unique opportunity via Pledge to be able to visit you in your recording studio!! A memory of a lifetime for me ♡ Thanks for chatting and joking during your Hawaiian concert...lol Did the bear find a home? ;) lol See you in March :)

Happy Birthday to you Michael!  I have loved all the new things you have been doing the last few months getting ready for the release of your new cd and your netflix special!  Both the cd and valentine special are wonderful.  You picked out some really great songs for the cd's and I can't really pick out a favorite but if I had to I really love hearing the song Old Time Rock and Roll, it is just alot of fun to hear!!  I really enjoyed the live facebook the other day, hope you do alot more of those.  I have been a long time fan and been to over 100 concerts and love how you keep in touch with your fans.  Looking forward to seeing you in paducah in a few days.  Here's to you having a wonderful 64th birthday and looking forward to all new things you get into!!


Kerie Van Winkle


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