I wanted to start this thread for those of you who would like to post a birthday message to Michael.  Most know but for those who don't, Michael's birthday is February 26th.  I have posted info on another thread for those who want to send a physical card but for those who would like to post your message here I will send the link to Michael on his birthday so as he has time he can read all of your wishes for him.  Just to be clear, these are birthday wishes...anything vulgar, rude or out of line will be deleted. Any questions, let me know.  Gail

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Happy Birthday dear Michael!! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are and you have the best of health and happiness in everything you do.I,m really loving your new album Songs of Cinema and thoroughly enjoyed all the updates, live chats, FB posts and tweets prior to the release.It was a lot of fun for us, as I hope it was for you too!! Thank you for taking us on this journey with you and for all you do in general for us fans. You are THE BEST!! I for one am very proud to be a fan of yours for 27 years now and it was such an honour to meet you on your UK tour last April, also in 2014 too!! Looking forward to your show in Dorset on June 10th, can,t wait!!

Have a super-fantastic birthday!!

Lots of love, Sandra (UK) xx

I joined this site today; I want to say thanks for doing this, Gail.

Michael: This may seem strange and hopefully hilarious to you, but along with birthday wishes I have a few words. What started out as admiring your contribution to Jack Sparrow and enjoying singing along with friends at parties turned into what I can only explain as something magical. For the past two months I've been partying with the same group of friends, and each time we have made it our "thing" to play your songs.. and particularly listen to Jack Sparrow. I'd have everyone in the house singing it and it made us all happy to bond over something so pure. These people are now my best friends and because of that, I have regained some of the passion for life that I had lost in recent years. I now associate you with everything good that I've experienced in the past couple of months. Also, when I found out about your Valentine's Day special I became elated because we had been listening to you so much recently seemingly out of nowhere, then, also seemingly out of nowhere, your special was released. It was almost as if we somehow manifested it with our love for this song and the positive experiences associated with it. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday Michael.  We have somethings in common.  We were both born in February in 1953, I was born on 2/21 and you were born on 2/26.

Both of us creative, loving people who care about others, sometimes more than ourselves.  We were both born on the East Coast, you in CT, me in NJ.

Both love Motown and greatly appreciate the soul of it all!  Happy Birthday and may you have many many more!  You deserve to have a great day, and I hope I'll see you again soon.  Love Always, Robin Q

Happy birthday, SuperMichael! Big hugs from Spain.

Happy Birthday Michael:)! I hope you get to spend time with the little ones for your Birthday, have your cake & ice cream with them, and of course your daughters:)!Thank You for keeping me SANE with your Music:)! I know I drive my family crazy whenever I get to talk about you, but they still seem to Love me:)! LOL! I just got your New cd today & I am super excited to get to hear it in my car & here in our home:)! You have really been a Busy Bee these days, and I am so Happy that you still have time for All of Us here on your Forum:)! Gotta tell you that "Casablanca" is one of my husband & I's fav. classic movie:) Here's my fav. line.....Play it again SAM, play it for old times sake:)! And the Dolly duet...Omg, you nailed it with her:)! I could go on but, not enough time....:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Happy birthday to the most soulful musician to grace our hearts. Hope you have a great day Michael and get spoilt. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful songs with us over the years and many years to come. Seen you in concert about 30 times now I think, sorry I won't be at the festival in Poole Dorset in June but I will be on holiday. Please visit the UK again soon.
Love Gwen xxxxx
Hello from Germany and Happy Birthday to you!! I wish you health, happiness and a lot of love for your next 64 Years! Stay funny like you are!!I hope you have a beautiful day with your family!! And hopefully you will come to Germany soon!
Ps: Happy Birthday from my 8 year old son Luke , too!! He knows i'm a big Fan and has to listen to your music a lot!!!Xoxo Karin
Have plans for birthday dinner in NC on 2/26? I will be attending,and Pledge neglected to arrange our lunch date...
Lots to discuss with you,as we are on similar paths...
Kim Slater
* * Hey Michael , wanted to send my happy wishes with lots of hugs full of love for a beautiful and enjoy birthday ~ And I pray all your dreams and all you still wish for continue to come true for you my friend ~ Have an Awesome Birthday and a Amazing concert to and always wishin nothin but the best for you ...
* * Happy Birthday * *
* * * * My Shinin Star * * * *
* * And many thanks to Gail And Sylvia for settin this up ~ Perfect Idea - so thank you from this heart, and God Bless You Both * *

Popping on to wish you a Happy Birthday from Scotland .....

.....along with a traditional wee birthday cake .......                         

...... with the traditional toast in the form of ...........

.....and of course the traditional birthday card just for you ..........

Here's hoping it proves to be the BEST one yet and the start of an absolutely awesome year for you......... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL !!! xo

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


As 26th has arrived and you are now 64, answer to the all important question is still the same as ever ..... YES, always !!! :)  Happy Birthday Michael !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend



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