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Ah Jenn ,i hate when that happens ,its the principle ,hopefully you get it soon.Me bossy ,never lol .Im just hoping we can keep this going so suggestions please xx
Well, if you fancy a really funny uplifting read, it has got to be.....

"Does my bum look big in this?" By Arrabella Weir.

It is the funniest book I have ever read and that got me through 6 weeks of gruelling intensise very painful physio a few years back!
I used to read it inbetween sessions wit hthe 'physio terrorists'.

The character describes her boobs as ..and I quote " Like a pair of Grandads socks with a tangerine in the bottom!" Hilarious!!

This book will really make you laugh out loud and you wont want to put it down.

Just a suggestion for after FITA. ......when it finally arrives!!

Love Jennifer XXX
Hi Jennifer you sure that book about her.
Sounds like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Love Dianna xxx
Yes, i've read that book before- very funny. Although by the end of it i did get a little annoyed that she(the character) didn't have a bit more confidence in herself. Especially as her bum is actually considerably smaller than mine!! LOL
Yay!! Picked up my copy of Flowers in the Attic this morning.
How long do we have to read?
Love Deb xx
Just read it Deb it will take as llong as it takes ,no rush ,i know a few are still waiting for theirs to arrive .Enjoy xx
Hi girls
Yes I have my copy now!
Okay just started to read it
Goodnight everybody!
Love Dianna xxx
My copy is here and I've started reading it!!

I'm just upto the bit where............................?

Ha ha, I wont spoil the surprise for anyone!!

Love Jennifer XXXXXX
Ah Finally ,Really hope you enjoy it Jenn .xx
I've just got to the bit where the Daleks attacked the ferrocous Teddy Bears in the saloon bar!!

Boy, this book is great!!

Cant believe the angels were really aliens in disguise!! who saw that coming huh?

Cant out it down!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
Yeh Jen ,wait until the part where they skin the aliens and find out they are really Michael lookalikes ,lol


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