Hey Gang,


I was looking at Amazon the other day and noticed that there are two books about Michael:


Time, Love and Tenderness by Lee Randall


MB: The Passion, Secrets, Soul and Truth's - oops... forgot name of author


Just wondering, if any of you have these books and if they are they any good?  The first book costs $8.99, the other $30 for a new copy and about $4.00 for a used one.










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Hi Helena,
I have both books Time Love and Tenderness and The Passion,Secrets,Soul & Truths by Layne Seeloff,Elizabeth Seib,Margaret Eaton & Joyce Logan
I bought them many years ago now.
I love the last one the best to be honest I have read them a few times and gone back to them for reference at times :)
I would recommend them let's see what the others have to say
Love Dianna xxx
Same thing Dianna just posted..Nice to have both!!!!
Robin :)
Snap and Snap!! To Robin and Dianna, I also have both books and use them for reference now.

When I first got them, I read them from cover to cover religiously, several times!!

The yare definately well worth buying Helena, you will be amazed at some f othe facts you find out.

Love Jennifer XX
I also have both and love going through them every once in a while!!!!
Love Eileen xoxxo
The second book was written by 3 fans (a few are members here but haven't posted so far) and Joyce Logan who was President of Michael's fan club from 1983 until about 2000....both books are great but the second one is done in encyclopedia style and by people who actually knew Michael. Just my opinion...Gail
I bought both of these years ago and enjoy them both, read them several times over the years. Agree with Dianna and Robin, both nice to have.
Hi Helena....I also have both of these books. The real question is....what true fan DOESN'T have these books??!!! LOL These books are a must for the die hard fan :) So join the gang Helena and buy the books and ENJOY. They are quite delightful and I agree with Gail about the personal connection the fan authored book delivers :)

Happy reading and viewing!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Well Christmas is coming....who wants to buy me a present? LOL!!! Just kidding....

I may get one book for now...need to think about which one to get. I don't want to pay $30 for a book so I may consider the used copy or the first book....let's see.....

Thanks for the replies!

Just wanted to say...I hope you girls don't think I'm cheap or something....It's just that I'm a little tight on money for the next few months.
This month I have 3 milestone birthdays to celebrate...taking my friends out to dinner and getting them gifts. Then have to worrry about Christmas gifts, one Hanukah gift, Xmas cards, paying bills, etc.... Also may want to bid on a few things that Jennifer has in stock....so don't want to get carried away and buy every Michael Bolton item that I see....tempting as it is...LOL!! So would like to get one book for now, then next year will see what else captures my attention...LOL!! I did get Michael's Christmas CD "This is the Time" and really love it!! So that was another Bolton treat for myself.... So I will be good and just get one book for now. :)

No worries Helena! One does have to make choices because one can go broke between attending concerts, tickets, travel money and souvenirs!!!! I am sure the books will wait for you!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Helena, We understand, you have to choose what's best! I totally get that!!! Enjoy the books as you get them. I've seen them on Ebay over the years very cheap at times..

Yup, we all have to have them!!LOL
Robin :)
Well Gang,

I looked on Ebay and noticed the books are available there. I have never ordered anything from Ebay and it mentioned to pay by paypal, which I don't have and am not familar with how it works.....

So went back to Amazon, (ordered many items from there in the past and feel comfortable using them) and got "The Passion, Secrets, Soul and Truth" in used condition. I picked this book based on what Gail posted, and I trust her imput. Since I joined this site, I noticed that she plays an important role in what goes on around here...so since I wanted to get one book for now, I went with what Gail mentioned....it made sense to me anyway. Thanks Gail! :)

Look forward to getting this book!

Hugs to all,


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